things to do

this weekend.

i’ve got a task for you.

more like 3 things i want YOU to do this weekend.  task, order, whatever ya wanna call it!

these will not only turn into good life-long habits, but will show you health & fitness CAN be welcomed and adapted into any schedule or lifestyle!

3 To-Do’s by Sunday evening

1. Buy a 1 gallon water jug today, starting tomorrow morning (saturday) drink the entire thing by evening. To help save the earth, refill it with your Britta or tap water and stick in fridge.  Or if it’s a snow-magedon, like it is here, stick it out on your patio/deck to stay cold!  Sunday morning, fill that water glass up and continue to throughout the day!  Pouring it into a glass you’ll see over the day truly how much you have left or have neglected to drink 😉   And drinking it out of the jug is unsanitary and then you’ll just have to buy more, and that’s no bueno for Mother-Nature!

2. Buy a few stalks of celery, chop them up into 3 inch rods and pop in a tupperware container in the fridge.  When you feel like you’re hungry, grab your above glass of water and eat at LEAST 5 celery sticks, then see if you’re truly  hungry or just wanted something to much on.

3.  Youtube: 20 minute at home workout.  Then DO IT. i’m sure there’s 2342385792 out there.  grab your kids, and make it a family affair!  make it fun! show them that being fit and healthy isn’t just about going to the gym, but truly just about MOVING, no matter where you are!


do you already do some of these?  if so GO YOU! if not, get to it, and check back in with me Sunday evening on the tasks YOU completed! because adapting even just 3 healthy habits into your daily routine can make a HUGE difference long-term.  3 tiny changes every day for a month, can you imagine how much better you’ll feel and look then? what about 3 months out? 1 year?

you get it 😉

now go get your jug of H2O!


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