Raw Energy Bites

i’m a big fan of larabars.

no, i like love larabars, a lot.

BUT they’re like $20 for a box, no thanks!

so i’m ALSO a big fan of re-creating larabars, i’ve shared a recipe in the past but wanted to get a little more creative, so here you have it!

i call it the NutterButterBall

i literally just made up the name, like 2 seconds ago.

i should probably come up with a better name..

ok ok, here it is!

Gluten-Free Raw Energy Bites

seriously though… are you ready to see how EASY it is to make these heavenly full of good-fat and FLAVOR energy bites?!

3cups pitted dates (soak them in a bowl for 30 minutes to make them moist/easier to blend up)
1cup cashews
1/2cup raw, organic honey
3/4cup all natural peanut butter
2tbs coconut oil
1/2cup unsweetened coconut flakes

step 1: whip out that food processor (a blender also works)

step 2: dump in the pitted dates, cashews and half of the coconut flakes

step 3: blend blend blend! until you come up with a mixture that i will be slightly dry and a crumbly

Photo Jul 13, 7 15 57 PM - Copy - Copy

step 4: pour in the honey, peanut butter and coconut oil.  blend blend blend!  you should end with a formed, thick pile of yummy mush!

Raw Energy Bites

Raw Energy Bites

Raw Energy Bites

step 5: dig in! roll into balls then roll them into a bowl filled with the other half of the coconut flakes.  or do half and half like i did.

Raw Energy Bites

step 6: try not to eat them as you’re creating them.. don’t judge

Raw Energy Bites


Gluten-Free Raw Energy Bites

Gluten-Free Raw Energy Bitesnow i’m hungry…

stick them in the fridge for 30 minutes to harden up then enjoy!  i like to make these when i meal prep on sunday’s to then eat throughout the week as a mid-afternoon pick me up snack.

oh and i had a little leftover that wouldn’t fit in my dish, but not enough to make a whole nother batch, so I slapped it on a strip of saran wrap, and turned it into the shape of an actual larabar!

Gluten-Free Raw Energy Bites

you can even get creative with your toppings you roll them in!  think shredded chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut flour, whatever you want!

i’ll end you with ONE more. i enjoy food pics more than i care to admit.. #alwayshungry

Gluten-Free Raw Energy Bites


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