“Working with Taylor for the past 6 weeks has been amazing. She has so patiently answered all my questions regarding macros, including what to eat and when. When I need help with exercises (I had 3 ankle surgeries that make some exercises difficult) she always comes back with a few suggestions/modifications for me. Her healthy grocery list is a great place to start easily making healthy substitutions, and the suggested meal plans have a great variety to give you ideas of what to make to fit your macros! Taylor always manages to be sweet and encouraging, even while kicking your butt in gear if you’re slackin’. I have made huge progress in these 6 weeks and have gotten compliments from friends, family, and coworkers about how great I look. I would tell anyone who is considering a training program to HIRE TAYLOR!! She will help you get the results you want, and I promise you won’t regret it!”

“Getting closer to my 125 goal :o) check out my photos. I wore the same thing I wore the first picture and I see a big difference! I’m so motivated to keep crushing this… Heading to the gym now that I’m back from my work trip!”

“Everything is doing amazing! I am definitely seeing a change, both physically and mentally. I have never felt better! I can’t wait to hit the gym this week and see where it takes me. Thank you for giving me a tools I needs to make this happen. I love your motivation!”

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