thermogenic tea

thermogenic tea

you’ve heard the term before: thermogenic.

it’s been thrown at you through social media, supplement companies and marketing for so many products because it forces you to relate it to it’s FAT BURNING aspect.

but do you know exactly what it is?

a thermogenic according to “causing or pertaining to the production of heat”.

so in other words, because it produces heat, this in turn increases heat through metabolic stimulation.  aka: metabolism up=fat burning is happening.

and do you also realize that you can create a thermogenic all-naturally without all those other crazy additives and stimulants that are laced into the products that are being thrown at you left and right?!

i rely on everything to be 100% all natural when it comes to supplements.  because why in the world would you want to pop a pill that has an ingredient list of 100 things that you cannot pronounce? only because it SAYS “this will BURN THAT FAT RIGHT OFF YOUR BODY”

oh and do they list the fact that none of the ingredients have been tested on their long-term affects to your body? no. no they don’t.

every single spice, oil, all natural product that comes from EARTH has a major benefit packed into it. no matter what sort of direction you’re looking to go towards, be it “i need something to help with my acne” “i’m constipated” “i need to fix this oily hair”.. etc.  the way to fix ALL of those and everything else is to do your research! research different oils, spices, herbs, etc. that hit all those spots. because yes, you can indeed purchase over-the-counter stuff to fix it all, but in the end you’re only masking the problem.

especially when it comes to fat burners.  you’re putting a shit ton of chemicals in your body that the company makes you rely on so you keep buying it, thus keeping them in business.

no thanks.

i want something that i can whip up anywhere, with ingredients i can read and can get anywhere and not only one place or store or brand.

i shared with you the fat-burning affects of my buttered coffee in this post, now i bring you a tea that takes it all up a notch.

the buttered coffee is good for fat burning, but it is not a thermogenic, that’s the difference between this concoction and the coffee blend.

this is also good if you don’t like coffee but want some BOOST to your day!

after a few different combos after reading all sorts of benefits from different herbs and products, i bring you my…

Thermogenic Tea

and per usual, i’m going to explain what put in and why i put each ingredient in this blend.

turmeric: this yellow-orange spice has so many benefits, including thermogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. it’s actually a component of curry, and helps to add color and a pack of flavor to meals, so in general it’s good to have among your spices if you don’t already.  but for this recipe, we are obviously using it for it’s thermogenic power!  i forewarn you, it packs a punch, so if you’ve never used it before take your time and have your taste buds be ready for a little kick!

lemongrass: a study was done back in 2007 on rats, where they were given lemongrass extract every day.  after a little over a month, they had lowered gluclose levels, total cholesterol, triglycerides, bad LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels, and increased levels of good HDL cholesterol.  there are still tests being done on humans if it has the same affect but from my research nothing has been “100% determined”.. but hey i’ll be my own guinea pig! plus i love lemon anything!

per ginger, as i’ve noted is so many other posts my love for ginger and it’s benefits!  for this recipe i utilize it because of it’s appetite suppression property.  ginger lowers your food intake and feelings of hunger while increasing feelings of fullness, which is why i include it in my sassy-water! which if you haven’t brought that recipe into your life, go get to it!

coconut oil: i’ve touched on the benefits of coconut oil, too, tons of times – but for this recipe i use it due to the fat that it’s almost entirely made up of medium chain fatty acids. MCFA’s are metabolized differently than the other longer chain fats that are in most other oils.  this means when coconut oil comes into that bod, the fatty acids from it go straight to the liver from the digestive tract, where they are either used for energy RIGHT AWAY or turn into ketone bodies.  both are great for fat-burning and metabolism boosts. and obviously a MAJOR energy boost!  seriously. be ready.

yerba mate tea: so onto what the heck this tea is… yerba mate is a stimulant with an ingredient known as mateine, which is similar to caffeine, without some of the side affects that caffeine gives you.  because it’s a full stimulant, this means the mateine in yerba mate increases your metabolism and is a major boost of energy, thereby burning fat in the process.   if you’re sensitive to caffeine, be careful with this because it truly is a punch of energy in each little flake! but it’s AHmazing simply alone, for your metabolism, and just a jump-start to your day too obviously.


ok onto the recipe itself!

thermogenic tea

whatcha need (obviously you have a heads up, but here’s the list simply)

thermogenic tea
1 1/2 tsp yerba mate tea
1 tsp extra virgin organic coconut oil
a few slices of lemongrass
ginger root
2 tsp organic tumeric


step 1: brew up some steaming hot water! i use an old school tea pot over my stove because well, i love the sound it makes when it whistles and is ready!

step 2: in a tea infuser, (there are tons other types out there like this one which i travel with) add in your slice of ginger, the yerba tea, a few slices of lemon grass, a scoop of coconut oil and top it off with your tumeric!

thermogenic tea
thermogenic tea

thermogenic tea

thermogenic tea

thermogenic tea

thermogenic tea

step 3: put a lid on it, or if you do this in a mug, put a small plate over it, and let it steep for about 5 minutes.

thermogenic tea

thermogenic tea

then drink up!!!

preferably in a mug from BREWEDbyTheBAY (shameless plug for one of my childhood girlfriends’ business!)


forewarning: be ready to take over the world and have your attention at an all-time high when you drink this stuff.


love the detox and want to make it later?! make sure to PIN it on Pinterest, since the link to the recipe is already in the photo for you! 

Thermogenic Tea


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