the perfect waffle

the perfect waffle


who doesn’t love a good fluffy waffle?! that first bite of the dense,  yet cloud like texture topped with peanut butter, whipped cream and sprinkles healthy toppings! (whatever, so… my breakfast is built for champions and 6 year old children clearly. don’t’ judge!)

then the introduction of the PROTEIN WAFFLE came into this glorious world.

and it became a game changer.

so i can have a waffle, that’s protein packed, clean, and fuel me through my morning?!  i can say adios to those frozen ones?! bye to the pre-made mix that’s filled with a bunch of stuff i can’t pronounce?!

hold your hands high if this was your reaction when this joyous invention came about!! no? no one?

food gets me PUMPED, clearly!

butttttttttt, with a new “recipe” or “food trend” comes the “but how the HECK to i make this?!” “will it be easy?!”

how many times are you on instagram and see someone be like “here’s my morning #ProteinWaffle!” and it clearly looks like it turned out PERFECTLY and then they don’t share the damn RECIPE!!!

so you’re back to square one on how to make these glorious ab covered pancakes.

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yes, you’ve now wasted about a minute of your life listening to my “talk” about the itnroduction of protein waffles.

get over it.

becuase your’e still hereeeee readingggggg wondering where this is GOINGGGG!

ok ok!

so.. i have protein waffles EVERY SINGLE MORNING and NEVER get sick of them. EVAH. 1. because i always change up my toppings and 2. i can say (ego set totally aside) that i have PERFECTED how to make the BEST PROTEIN WAFFLE EVER. and ya’lll… it’s so damn easy!

there’s ONE trick to make it work. ONE. and when you realize what the trick is and think really? that’s what makes a difference? then you try it.. you’re going to be JUST AS PUMPED AS ME TO EAT AB COVERED PANCAKES EVERY MORNING!

you’re welcome in advance.

the breakdown, greuling step-by-step to a T how i make my waffles!

the perfect waffle

side note, i wonder what i looked like to an outsider taking these below photos.. of my waffle making.. who does that?! THIS GIRL!  because ya’ll rock and this needed to be shared, duh.

First, what you need:

1/4 cup organic oats
1/2 scoop protein powder (obviii mine is Slap)
2 tbsp egg whites
5 tbsp water

step 1: turn on your waffle maker and spray it with nonstick spray – even if it’s a nonstick waffle maker. i use coconut flour spray from trader joes

the perfect waffle

step 2: in a hand blender toss in your oats and protein powder then blendddddd! should be a powder afterwards. blend, pause it, shake it up, then blend again is how to get the perfect powder.

the perfect waffle

step 3: add in your egg whites then water

the perfect waffle

step 4: blend again. shake up to make sure none of the “flour” is sticking to the bottom of the blender. blend again!

the perfect waffle

step 5: here’s THE trick!   pour your batter over the waffle maker then KEEP THE LID OPEN! yep. let that thang just chill.  for about 1 – 2 minutes actually!  Then once you see the edges start to “firm” up then put the lid down and cook for another 2 minutes.  I’ve found that cooking in open first for half the time allows it to fluff up better AND you don’t ruin the risk of putting the lid down and your batter leaking allllll out! GAINSSSS being lost!   we’ve all been there done that!  and ain’t no one got time for ruined waffles first thing in the morning.

Slap Nutrition, Clean Gains 101

the perfect wafflefreshly poured!

the perfect waffleshe’s now ready to have the lid come down!

step 6: after you’ve put the lid down keep it down for 2 more minutes.

then VOILA! your perfect fluffy protein waffle is ready and waiting for you to cover it with whatever your heart desires!!!

the perfect waffle

the perfect waffle

sweet abs dude, you must workout!!!!
the perfect waffle

the perfect waffle

just look at that glorious fluffiness!!!!

ok, photoshoot done!! now you may go about your day! dreaming of cloud-like waffles!

want to make it later?! make sure to PIN it on Pinterest, since the link to the recipe is already in the photo for you! 

Perfect Waffle

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