sassy water

sassy water

if you’ve been following me for a long time, i’m about to bring it wayyyyyy back!


i did a post on my Sassy Water. the name? no clue where i got it, just popped into muh mind when i did my first post on it like over a year ago.

i digress.

i have a tough time with digestion issues, bloat and retaining water like it’s my JOB.

i’ve got a gurgging stomach, and bloat with specific foods due to irritation that’s happening within.

it’s no fun.

especially when it’s BIKINI season upon us, ain’t no one got time for bloat or gassy stomachs! or just digestions issues, no matter the time of year!

so i bring you my Anti-Bloat Sassy Water!

I swear by it. I’ve been drinking it every single day for at least 6 years. i kid you not. i always have a piture of it in my fridge, fresh and waiting!

and each ingredient has it’s own specific benefits and a reason for being involved in the glass of SASSINESS!

such a dork.

ok here we go!

Taylored Sassy Water

Anti-Bloat Water

whatcha need:

Anti-Bloat Water 1 whole lemon
1 cucumber
a knuckle of ginger root
fresh mint leaves
dandilion root extract or the tea leaves themselves – i get mine from (

but FIRST i obviously want to share WHY i put each specific ingredient in and the benefits of it! because well, a better educated YOU means mission accomplished for ME!


the classic Lemon

this bright beauty helps stimulate and regulate the digestive track, (which helps constipation, heartburn and gas issues) it’s a natural flush of the liver by stimulating proper stomach acid production, a little boost to the immune system due to the Vitamin C within, and it’s just great for your skin due to it’s digestion aid factor! Keeping those toxins flushed out of your liver allows you to get that “glow” from within that shines through your skin.  win in my book!


cool as a Cucumber

benefits of these pups keep you hydated which alone helps you maintain body temperature and assists in cleansing of toxins especially when partnered with lemon.  i bet you didn’t know that they help your MUSCLES stay strong.  the same silica in cucumbers that helps keep your skin hydrated, also helps keep your muscle tissues healthy. double win, right?!  they also contain antioxidants that battle free radicals in that bod, and help flush out built-up toxins thanks to its hydrating effect.


not only do they smell good, and give your nose a fresh “breeze” when taking a sip, but these minty leaves provide great benefits as well! they can help you digest more effectively, thus improving the flow of that good ‘ol bile from the liver. keepin’ it movin’ through (no TMI here).  it also helps relax cramped up stomach muscles that come with digestion issues.  i also drink a cup of hot mint tea a lot. simply crushed up mint leaves in a mug and pour hot water over it.


Ginger root

which i touched base on in my Green Smoothie post: “along with helping aid digestion, it reduces inflammation which helps manage pain from arthritis, headaches and menstrual cramps.

it also has a warming affect that helps stimulate circulation, inhibits bacteria like salmonella and once absorbed in your intestinal tract it helps reduce gas (no such thing as TMI over here peeps). you’re welcome.

and because it’s an anti inflammatory, it helps prevent stomach ulcers caused by “wanna be” anti-inflammatory drugs like asprin and ibuprofen.  another reason i avoid over the counter meds and rely on my from-the-ground stuff.”


one of my favorites is the Dandelion Root

i have this in liquid form, tea bags and the raw loose tea version. for my sassy water i like to put the liquid as the loose tea is like “crummy” and gets stuck in my teeth if i drink it straight.  no thanks! so i usually either toss in the tea bags (which i am currently JUST out of) or a couple squirts of the liquid.

back to the benefits of this stuff.  it’s taste is very “dirt” tasting. i mean you’re literally drinking a dandilion, so imagine the earthiness of that. it’s an aquired taste, but i now love it!

dandilion acts as a mild laxative that promotes digestion and balances the natural and beneficial bacteria in the intenstines. that’s why i drink this stuff every day in every form possible peeps.  constipation issues = no fun.  this stuff helps.  it also is a natural diuretic which helps the kidneys clear out waste, salt and excess water. thus is why it’s a KEY ingredient to the sassy water as a whole. this is what helps with the bloat after a big ‘ol cheeseburger or something that has much more salt than you’re used to eating.

it also, like everything else in this mix, increases bile production and reduces inflammation to help with gallbladder problems and blockages.  helllllo smooth movin’!


so how do you make this Sassy Water?! 

because i know you’re ready to get SASSY and de-bloated!

can i get an amen?!

welp.. here’s the steps!

step 1: chop everything up. toss it in a glass piture.




Anti-Bloat Water: TayloredFitness



fill with filtered water. let sit in fridge for at least 2 hours. then DRINK!

Anti-Bloat & Digestion Aid Water

Anti-Bloat Digestion Aid Water

yep. 1 step.

you’re welcome.

then make sure to rotate out fresh ingredients every 2-3 days.

Anti-Bloat Digestion Aid Water

and drinking it out of a mason jar with a flower straw makes the benefits that much stronger. #duh.

Skinny Water

cheers to aiding digetion issues, keeping hydrated and toxins OUTTA these hot bods’ we got goin’ on!

Skinny Water

want to make it later?! make sure to PIN it on Pinterest, since the link to the recipe is already in the photo for you! 

Sassy Water





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