pizza friday

pizza friday

what?! no fashion friday?!


how dare i change the routine up.

sorry fellow fashionistas, it was yucky weather here all week and wellllll i just wasn’t able to get out for a shoot!


BUT i am bringing you something even better


side note: remember when we were in grade school and friday wasn’t only exciting because well, it was friday?! but it was also ALWAYS “pizza day”!?  yes, i still have that excitement inside.

i feel like the weekend creeps up and alllllll of a sudden i’m craving pizza!

i can crush a pizza.


buttttt this ‘bod aint’ got time for that and neither does YOURS! so i bring you a BETTER version of the friday favorite.

of course there’s a twist to it. obvi.

ya’ll have seen those cauliflower recipes floating around on pinterest and such for pizza crusts.

i pin them all the time and never end up making them or figuring a way to add my own twist to them.

BUT with the rainy cold weather we’ve been having, i was craving a hot, cheesy pizza.


the time came!

and i bring it to YOU!

i swear it’s delicious and you cannot taste the cauliflower! forreals.

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

whatcha need:

1/2 head organic cauliflower
3 tbsp egg whites
1/2 cup organic mexican style shredded cheese
handful of fresh basil

toppings on mine:
4 oz ground chicken
1/4 cup organic mexican style shredded cheese
1/2 cup organic pizza sauce

*preheat oven to 400*

step 1: chop up your raw 1/2 head cauliflower and toss into a processor.

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

process until it turns into a ‘doughy’ texture, like this!

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

step 2: scrape into a bowl and add in egg whites, cheese and basil!  the basil obviously isn’t necessary, but mine is flourishing in my little garden on my patio so i tossed some in! and it seriously added major flavor!

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

step 3: with a hand blender (orrr you could’ve probably kept it all in the food processor) mix it all up until doughy and thoroughly blended.

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

step 4: on a pizza stone, put down foil (easy clean up!) and spray.  then scoop out the crust and spread with a spatula into whatever shape your heart desires! i went with the classic round pizza, but you can get creative.  a big heart?!

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

step 5: pop in the oven, it’ll be in there for about 12 minutes, so while that’s happening begin to ground your chicken (or turkey or beef – i usually use turkey but i had chicken to use up)

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

after 12 minutes, pull out your pizza crust, change oven from 400 to high broil.  spread pizza sauce, more fresh basil, cheese and your ground chicken on the crust evenly.

stick back in oven until cheese is golden and crust is at the texture you want.

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

let cool for a few minutes. then enjoy!

Single Serving Cauliflower Pizza (Crust)

crispy. golden. delicious. and check out the macros below!

macros for the WHOLE pizza with my toppings:
calories: 465
fat: 23
Carbs: 19
Protein: 39

macros for the CRUST only
calories: 295
fat: 18
carbs: 10
protein: 23

a way to bring the fat down is to use skim/fat-free cheese.

Couliflower Pizza


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