Paleoful Brownies

Paleoful Brownies

so remember when i introduced those gluten-free, non gmo, vegan and chocolate-chip-filled heavenly cookies by the new clean-treats brand Paleoful??

yeah, well guess what else they make?


my favorite.

weakness rather.

every time i whip up a batch of brownies.. i’m preeetttyyyy sure only 3/4 of it makes it into the baking dish itself.. and the other 1/4 well….

you do it too, so get outta town!

back to the brownies.

do you like yours a little crispy?

are you an edges-lover?

or do you like the ooey-gooey center?

me… i could CRUSH the entire center of a batch of brownies, an skip out on the edges.

to each his own.. but i say the middle is the best. not biased or anything!

but as most brownie mixes out there.. with it comes an ingredient list that’s like 3 inches long and items that aren’t going to get you that 6 pack you’ve been killin’ it at your diet with.

so you know what’s awesome?!

when brands, like Paleoful, make a CLEAN guilt-free brownie mix, that’s so easy to whip up your 3 year old niece could make some!

…don’t let a 3 year old bake alone.  public service announcement i feel like i should announce! ha!

these Paleoful Brownies that I’m about to bring to your eyeballs, and make your stomach growl, are gluten-free, vegan and all around delicious.

Gluten-Free, Non-Gmo and Vegan Paleoful Brownies

and i’m super picky with baked goodies, especially pre-packaged ones where i personally don’t get to decide what’s in it in what sort of level.

but ya’ll…. Paleoful took care of it!

they’re gooey and chocolatey on the inside and get nice and perfectly crispy on the edges and the top.

Gluten-Free, Non-Gmo and Vegan Paleoful Brownies

PERFECT for devouring on the spot or sprinkling big chunks over your nightly ice cream!

so are you ready for the 10947235 steps it takes to get these beauties into your belly?

i kid i kid.. there’s like 3 steps.

so let’s do this shall we?!

Paleoful Brownies

Gluten-Free, Non-Gmo and Vegan Paleoful Brownies

1 Package Paleoful Brownie Mix
1/4 cup Almond Milk
1/2 cup Walden Farms Syrup (or any maple syrup)

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  then in a mixing bowl, toss in all your ingredients and begin to blend with a hand mixer!

DSC08897 (2)

DSC08900 (2)

DSC08901 (2)

Step 2: Spray a baking dish, then evenly pour over brownie batter, pop in oven!

DSC08905 (2)

Step 3: Try not to lick the spoon…. while finishing up step 2….

after about 30 minutes, or until you can slide a fork in the center and it comes out clean… voila! your waist-friendly chocolate-y treats are ready to devour.

 Gluten-Free, Non-Gmo and Vegan Paleoful Brownies

well actually, let them cool for a few moments, lord knows we don’t need a burnt tongue!

I made an ice cream sandwich with mine

 Gluten-Free, Non-Gmo and Vegan Paleoful Brownies

and crumbled it all over my ice cream for a few nights.

Gluten-Free, Non-Gmo and Vegan Paleoful Brownies

and of course devoured them.. as is. a classic square brownie!

ALSO, Paleoful is still offering all the TayloredFitness readers a 10% off discount, by using the cod TAYLOR at checkout! so check-it-out..

get it.. get it…?

Paleoful is the sponsor of this post (thanks Paleoful!), but as always, all views and words are solely 100% mine!

want to make it later?! make sure to PIN it on Pinterest, since the link to the recipe is already in the photo for you! 

Paleoful Brownies

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