it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

i love a good strong drink.

yes i’m referring to alcohol.

but i’m super into a fitness, a coach, my body is my job, and i DRINK?! what?!

YEP! i enjoy a glass of wine a few times a week, a good mixed drink every once and awhile on the weekends and on vacations.

i’m in my 20’s and enjoy letting lose every once and awhile, and you should too! regardless of your age! and do so without feeling like you’re hurting your diet.

so i bring you some of my go-to drink that i’ve figured out to make a little easier on the waistline to maybe give YOU some ideas if you’re planning to go out this weekend and enjoy a libation or two but not sure what is “healthy” when you’re standing at the bar about to ask “anything fruity/girl please!”

let’s start with the margarita, shall we?!
the usual margarita from your local dive is well over 300 calories, YIKES! with that  sweet & sour mix that comes in a cardboard carton that contains around 50g of CARBS – i mean i don’t know about you but i’d rather EAT those carbs, like in a form of french fries?  but i do love a margarita! SO when ordering a margarita this week ask them to concoct this:

Skinny Margarita:

image source
2 limes
splash of real lime juice
splash of orange juice
and water

it’s delicious, refreshing and 3/4 the carbs as your traditional carb & sugar packed margarita

here’s a few other of my go-to’s that are tried-and-true!

             image source

(nodda ladda) pina colada
i mean who doesn’t love a good pina colada on vacation?! BUT they’re damn near 700 calories per 12 oz most of the time, YIKES! so here’s what i request when ordering the fresh & fruity drink:
coconut flavored rum
splash of pine apple juice
soda water

not on vacation and wanting a pina colada at a bar (that clearly doesn’t have a blender, or would probably give you a weird look if you asked them to blend you a drink) ask for that combo on the rocks!


the skinny cosmopolitan 
cranberry flavored vodka
soda water
splash of OJ
a lime or two 


so there ya have it!! a few drinks you and your girlfriends can whip up this weekend if you so please! and remember, EVERYTHING in moderation, because just like oreos, yes a few won’t hurt at all, but eat the entire package and then we’ve gotta talk!

have a fabulous weekend!


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