i scream, you scream

i scream, you scream

we all scream for ICE CREAM!!

can i get an amen?! who doesn’t love ice cream. #letsbereal

but some people either don’t like the “bad” stuff that comes with ice cream, orrrr to follow up from yesterdays post, cannot “fit” ice cream into their daily macros.

SO i’m here to rescue you and sweep you into a ice cold bowl of chocolate-y goodness.  all SUPER macro friendly. and 100% clean!

which brings me to another quick subject; bananas.  you buy them, lots of them and think “oh i’ll eat them all pretty quickly. they wont’ go bad”…

then they go bad. and you let them sit and sit all brown, squishy and neglected.

so you toss them. and think “next time i’ll eat them before they get bad”


i look at a bad banana and think YES! why?! because that’s when they’re BEST to make all sortsa goodies!!!

like ice cream!!

so today, don’t toss those neglected bananas, throw together some chocolate-y or whatever-flavor ice cream!

recipe time, i hear you i hear you!

Slap-Tastic Banana-Chocolate Ice Cream

Slap-Tastic Banana-Chocolate Ice

whatcha need:
1 banana (it really does need to be “sad”, not fresh)
1 scoop chocolate Slap protein powdaaa (use code TAYLOR for 10% off)
1 cup Almond Milk (i use the unsweetened, 30 calorie shtuff)
2 tbsp Cacao Nibs
Organic Chocolate Syrup

step 1: chop up that sad banana and toss it in a blender, pour in your almond milk & scoop ‘o Slap

Slap-Tastic Banana-Chocolate Ice

Slap-Tastic Banana-Chocolate Ice

Slap-Tastic Banana-Chocolate Ice

step 2: blend blend blend!


step 3: pour into a glass bowl, pop in freezer and let it do it’s thanggg for about 2 hours.  stir half way through if you want, but not necessary.

Slap-Tastic Banana-Chocolate Ice

step 4: take it out, grab an ice cream scoop (or just dig right outta the bowl) and top with cacao nibs for more chocolate, antioxidants and a lovely crunch!  and obviously lots of chocolate syrup

Slap-Tastic Banana-Chocolate Ice


Banana Chocolate Ice Cream


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