Fit Snack

Fit Snack

you know those monthly subscription boxes that you’re always getting emails about?

“sign up to receive the newest and greatest candy out every month”

“get a box full of makeup samples!”

“new dog treats every month, right at your door!”

but what happens? you usually get the box, peak through it and end up using or eating only 1/4 of it.. because either the color of the lipstick is for someone half or twice your age and the food you get looks like it’s been sitting in the package for months.

what about a box with HEALTHY snacks?!

a box filled with goodies that you will absolutely eat 100% of because you can read the ingredients, they’re jam packed with micro and macro nutrients, and they’re always going to be waist-line-friendly and good for your body!

goodies you can stick in your purse and actually eat later as a snack when you’re on the go.

are you ready for this ya’ll?!

but before i even introduce you to this box-of-heaven, i want to remind you that i never share products/companies/business that i do not stand behind 100%.  i’ve tried SO many different monthly subscription boxes, different snack bars, etc. and only share with you the best ones that i know YOU will love just as much as me! and that says a lot because i’m super choosy!

so without further adue.. i bring you your FUTURE favorite christmas-every-month box…

Fit Snack 

yep, that simple and to the point. a box filled with healthy snacks for people who want to live a healthy and FIT life!!

can i get an amen?!

bye monthly subscription boxes that don’t really do our minds and bodies any good and HELLO to a box filled with a crazy awesome variety of new snacks, products and food on the market that help keep us fueled and healthy!!

when my October Fit Snack box arrived… it was FULL excitement!

because who doesn’t love opening a ‘surprise’ box?! eager to dig through what’s on the other side of that taping and box.

the moment i opened my very first Fit Snack box I know i was going to be HOOKED!

every single item inside was perfect for on-the-go, guilt-free and picked out by their nutrition team who only finds the latest and greatest sweet, salty and fun snacks to surprise you with every month.

oh… did i mention that every single box purchased ONE meal is donated to Feeding America?!

ya’ll know how passionate i am about giving back and this is just the cherry on the sundae for me!

so you want me to get to the point and reveal what’s in the box?!

let’s get to it!!!

Fit Snack

look at all that gloriousness!! like who doesn’t love the site of a box filled with snacks?!

Fit Snack

a kid on christmas day i tell ya…. the littlest things make me SUPER happy! 

first up:

Fiona’s Granola

Fit Snack

Vanilla Sunflower granola that you can put on your cereal, eat straight outta the bag or sprinkle into your yogurt!  did i mention it’s wheat-free, dairy-free and soy-free?! oh and ORGANIC!


Mighty Flakes

Fit Snack

WHO DOESN’T LOVE CEREAL?! oh and this cereal is made with BEANS! so it’s gluten-free and non-gmo. DOUBLE win.


Caveman Foods Chicken Primal Bar

Fit Snack

blueberry pepper CHICKEN JERKY. enough said, amen?! it’s hormone free, no nitrates and gluten-free. but i think i’m sure i won your heart over with the blueberry part, because HI SALTY AND SWEET HEAVENLY COMBO?!

Fit Snack

Yummy Snack Bars

Fit Snack

Peppermint and Coconut, two of my FAVORITE flavors, jam packed in a nutrient dense bar that includes cocoa, almond butter, flax seeds and if you have kiddos it’s not filled with wanna-be sugars which means no crash or bouncing off the walls!


High Brew Espresso

Fit Snack

i mean…. coffee.. let’s be real… coffee delivered to me in a box at my door? i’ll take it as a WIN!  this stuff is high brewed, fair-trade and DEEEELICIOUS!


Raw Rev Protein Bar

Fit Snack

Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt is the flavor i got.. and if that doesn’t make you drool i don’t know what will!  they’re non-gmo, packed with 15g of protein and the texture is ON POINT.


Peak Energy Mints

Fit Snack

a mint packed with caffine, d-ribose and b vitamins to help give you that extra boost when 3:00pm rolls around or you’re headed to the gym… done!

side now, how adorable is this bag?!?!

Fit Snack

one can never have enough draw-string bags, especially when they’re made of rope and seriously well built!

you can ACTUALLY get one of these bags if you sign up for your FitSnack box right HERE!

and the November boxes are going out THIS WEEK, so  you’ll want to take advantage of this so you can get to fit-snackin’ soon!  or wait until the december boxes roll around which is JUST as awesome, because HI BOX OF GOODIES AT THE DOOR ANY MONTH IS MY KIND OF HAPPY DANCE IN THE WAITING!

the cool thing is is that they have monthly plans, 3 month plans, 6 month plans and 1 year plans!

did i mention no matter which plan, they’re ALL UNDER $20?!.

yep. i know. even more awesomeness thrown at you in a FitSnack box sort of way!

so are you ready to learn about new non-gmo, guilt-free, grab-and-go snacks and products every single month?!  AND get a free bag while you’re at it?!

Go check out FitSnack right this very moment and get to healthy snackin’!



again, all thoughts, recommendations and reviews are mine and i only recommend what i believe in and stand behind to you all. so enjoy!!!



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