rocket fuel: MCT style

rocket fuel: MCT style


I’m one big, 24/7, self-experiment.

When I learn about a new trick, recipe, or anything that will make my body and mind function that much better, I try it. Every time. Because why not? Your body is a vessel, a crazy machine that you can alter it any way you want (obviously let’s choose the healthy and legal route).  So why not try something for yourself, test it out, if it works it works if it doesn’t then you can toss that option aside.  Every day you have the opportunity to function at a high level, feel great and look fabulous.

So what on earth am I talking about this time? It’s not a food, a tea or any other “fad” product out there – it’s a real, raw, derivative of food; an extract.

This derivative I want to share with the whole wide world, is a concentrated fat called MCT oil.  Ya’ll know I’m all about my oils..  this one though offers some unique advantages for both cooking and consumption.  And it’s freaking awesome.

Mental Clarity and Fat-Burning MCT Oil

So what is MCT oil?  You can think of it as a concentrated form of coconut oil.  The extremely healthy saturated fat in coconut oil is comprised of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), and MCT oil is a concentrated form of that fat, about 6x stronger than eating coconut oil to be exact.

Imagine the benefits of coconut oil, on steroids peeps.

Not really steroids, wrong comparison in this world,  ha!

The reason I was so interested and began recently using MCT oil is two fold: it’s uniquely metabolized and it’s easily digested.

Instead of being metabolized through the digestion process like other fats are, MCTs are taken straight to the liver where they act very similar to carbohydrates, providing instant ENERGY! Hellllllooooooo productivity!!

If you want to feel the effects of the energy yourself, put 2 teaspoons of MCTs in the Thermogetic Tea shared with you a few weeks ago, that I drink erry-damn-morning, that helps keep my mind focused and body in a fat-burning state naturally.  Well. Since I’ve added MCT oil in place of the coconut oil… game changer, let’s just say.

Rocket fuel.

Like I need any more energy than I already have?!


And I plan to take over the world, so I need rocket fuel!

Can you tell I’m drinking some as I’m typing this?

now i’m realizing i need to add this mug into my collection.

Ok ok back on track.

But it’s not just the energy that’s interesting.  MCTs improve blood sugar regulation (HOLLA!), improves metabolism, they say it improves thyroid function (I don’t have that issue so I’m not sure personally), it improves appetite regulation (because #EatAllTheFOOD), and are used to treat ailments such as diabetes, alzheimer’s, seizures, cystic fibrosis and so many others.

As far as brain function goes, which is why I down this stuff in the morning, MCT oil is like rocket fuel because it enhances keytone production.  Keytones are a more efficient fuel for you brain, in case you’re like “key whattt?!”  The brain functionality and alertness is what lead me to get my hands on this hidden little gem of an oil.

Mental Clarity and Fat-Burning MCT Oil

Oh and one of the other benefits is improved body composition – if you’re into burning fat, MCTs are  your BFF.

When it comes to the digestion of MCTs, your body is insanely efficient at metabolizing and then digesting them because they don’t require bile salts for digestion and they pass easily from the GI tract to the blood stream without being modified the way long-chain fats must be.  Hence why I mentioned in the beginning this ‘ish goes straight to the liver!

Don’t get me wrong, MCTs are a miracle weight-loss pill (nothing is a miracle weight-loss pill).  The benefits of what it does for your metabolism is great and all, but it’s the mental focus and clarity that are really what you get out of it.

And who doesn’t want to be more productive with their hours in the day?!

So how to incorporate MCTs in your daily life?  Start out with the 2 teaspoons in your Taylored-Thermgetic Tea

Mental Clarity and Fat-Burning MCT Oil

Mental Clarity and Fat-Burning MCT Oil

also. drinking out of this badass unicorn mug that’s easily my favorite in the whole wide world, makes life that much better.


Mental Clarity and Fat-Burning MCT Oil

or pour some in your “enjoy your morning poop” mug of organic coffee!

either the tea or coffee are a perfect way to get that mind and body utilizing the benefits immediately!

This MCT oil the one I use and highlyyy recommend it (not a sponsored post, just my absolute honest opinion peeps):

And it’s literally flavorless, so no worries about any odd smells.

Cheers to productivity, energy like a lightning bolt and to us takin’ over the world one MCT shot at a time!!!


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