December FitSnack Box

December FitSnack Box

aaaaaaaaaaand it’s yet another Christmas day in the TayloredFitness home!

not because it’s December and Christmas is literally right around the corner..

but the fact that my December FitSnack box has arrived at my DOORSTEP!

if you haven’t jumped on the FitSnack box train yet by now…

ya’ll are MISSING OUT!

it would not only seriously be an awesome Christmas present for someone, but just a fun ‘treat’ for yourself to enjoy each month!

oh and did i mention… FitSnack is offering a 50% discount for your first month’s box?! COUNT ME IN! click HERE to grab the deal!

for real… i’m totally scooping up a subscription for my momma!



ok so are you ready for what’s inside the December box?!

i definitely have a new absolute FAVORITE snack in this one, which I already ordered some from the company to keep on hand!

IMG_9132 (2)


that’s got to be my favorite part, is opening it up to see what awaits for me inside the little green box.  i love food and get excited about trying new things, so it’s like a little party every time!!

first up is the Maximum Human Performance Protein Brownie..

December FitSnack Box

it literally tastes like the naughtiest brownie, yet oh so protein packed AND gluten-free. WINNING!

Trophy Farms Cashews: i mean… how can you go wrong with this size pack of cashews? i immediately tossed it right into my purse and devoured it on the way home from the gym the following day.

December FitSnack Box

these…. these Tosi Cashew Super Bites is more like a BAR not a bite. it’s huge! and so incredibly delicious! this is the brand that i went online and ordered a ton more of! new fan-favorite!

TruProteins Nutra Whey: Grass-Fed and Dark Cacao… winning combo!

December FitSnack

if you follow me on Snapchat you know my addition to Monsters. so when this little beauty was in the box, i stuck in the fridge and a few hours later gave it a go, and this Amara sports drink is definitely the boost I need at 3pm!

December FitSnack Box

oh hi Ips Chips with Protein! you officially have me HOOKED! both bags.. gone in one day!

December FitSnack Box

just LOOK at those flavors of these Wilde Bison and Beef Bars?!? PEACH BBQ?! Strawberry Black Pepper?!  these babies didn’t last too long and were JUST as good as they sound!

December FitSnack Box

yet another SUCCESSFUL FitSnack Box… you all win my heart over every gosh darn month!

who’s already ready for January’s Box?! ME ME ME!!





*This post was sponsored by FitSnack, but as always, all words, opinions and reviews are solely my own!*


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