chipotle remix

chipotle remix

i love chipotle.

like i could eat chipotle every day.

i feel like i say that alot. “i could eat ____ every day”.

clearly i love good food, OK?! jeesh!

you know one thing i’ve actually never been a “fan” of?


if you know me, you know i’m not much of a “salad” eater.  like i”m that person who opens the menu at a restaurant and doesn’t even bother looking at the “soups & salads” section at the menu.

BUT. lately. i’ve been eating a SALAD EVERY SINGLE DAY. well for the past like 2 weeks. WHO AM I?!

lettuce?! on my plate? that’s not shoved into a burger?! what is happening in this world..

yep. all because of this glorious chicken i found at harris teeter called “chipotle chicken”. game. changer.

any chicken would work obviously, this one is just SO damn delicious.

so i’ve obviously  gotta share this salad that rocks my lunch time! it’s super flipping easy to make and shows there’s no excuse to not get your healthy mass macros in durinng the day!

you could even turn this into a ‘mason jar’ salad to prep for the week ahead by layering each step below in a mason jar and keep in the fridge! since there’s no cheese it won’t get soggy. WIN!

so here ya have it!

Chipotle-Remixed Chicken Salad

step 1: combine organic romaine lettuce and organic baby spinach leaves to get those micros in from the spinach!  i don’t think i could ever eat just a spinach salad – i like the big crunch (barely any nutrition, whatev) from romaine lettuce.  lay that all over the plate.

chipotle remix

step 2: toss 1/2 cup cooked brown rice

chipotle remix
step 3: the fun new fact i found (i’m all about that MASS food vs. compact/dense) is that 4 oz of deli chicken goes so much “further” than 4 oz of cubed/cut up baked chicken. because the way it’s cut obviously you feel like you’re getting more FOOD! yay for tricks to trick the mind, right?! so anywho, take your chicken and chop it up!

chipotle remix

chipotle remix

for reals. if you have a harris teeter – go get this ‘ish.  if not just use cumin, taco seasons, etc. to sprinkle over your chicken. i get all my organic spices from

step 4: toss allllll that chicken over top

chipotle remix

step 5: another of my new favorite things to do, use SALSA as dressing!!  find a good organic Chipotle Salsa in your grocery story aisle, then sprinkle all over salad! GAME CHANGER peeps.

chipotle remix

INHALE! I mean savor each heavenly spicey bite of this chipotle-remixed salad!

chipotle remix

are you a salad eater?? do you have any go-to toppings or recipes?! share share!!

Chipotle Remix


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