easily one of my favorite desserts and the one i’ll usually end up choosing if an option at a restaurant IS indeed cheesecake.

it’s creamy, heavy, and so full of flavor!

can i get an amen?!

but you know what’s NOT my favorite? the 600 calories that’s jampacked in 1 slice of cheesecake.  oh and the jampacked fat in it?  no thanks!

so i can’t have cheesecake every day?! you can’t have cheesecake every day?! would that be CRAZY?!

cover (3)

no. not it wouldn’t be crazy. because you CAN have cheesecake EVERY SINGLE DAY if you want!

because i bring youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……. raise the curtain

Protein-Packed MACRO-FRIENDLY Cheesecake!

winning. all around.

it meets all the criteria: creamy, flavorful, heavy, dense, fluffy, everything!!!  and you can turn it into any “flavor” you want just by using this base cheesecake recipe i FINALLY perfected and ready to share!

Protein Cheesecake

Protein Cheesecake

here’s whatcha need:
Protein Cheesecake
16oz Neufchatel Cheese (a lower fat Cream Cheese!) ***edited a few months later: use FAT-FREE Cream Cheese for even better macros!!!)***
2 scoops Vanilla Slap Protein Power (use code TAYLOR for 10% off!)
1/2 cup plain Greek Yogurt
2 whole eggs
splash of Vanilla Extract


*preheat oven to 325 degrees*


step 1: in a bowl, plop that cream cheese in and stick in microwave for 45 seconds just to soften it up a little OR leave it out on the counter for a an hour or so to turn to room temperature.

step 2: combine all of your ingredients with the softened cream cheese

Protein Cheesecake
step 3: blend blend blendddd with a hand blender until whippy & creamy!

Protein Cheesecake

Protein Cheesecake

step 4:  line a pie/cake pan with parchment paper, which you don’t have to do, but i use it for ALL my baking because it’s easy clean-up and gauranteed stick-free!   pour your mixture in and smooth around so it’s all even.

Protein Cheesecake

step 5: bake at the 325 degrees for 30 minutes THEN turn oven down to 225 degrees and continue baking for 30 more minutes. THIS combo i have tested and tried many a times and it definitely creates the best cheesecake texture and keeps it fluffy!

step 6: when you see that it’s begining to “crack” along the top and done, take out and stick in fridge for a few hours to cool, preferably over night.

Protein Cheesecake

then when ready to eat, top with whatever you want! strawberries, chocolate, anything!

Protein Cheesecake

i used organic chocolate syrup and cacao nibs for a perfect crunch!

Protein Cheesecake

look at those slices of heaven.. just loooooook!

Protein Cheesecake

fluffy: check! dense: check! creamy: check!

Protein Cheesecakeone more foodporn to leave ya with!  NOW GO MAKE SOME YOURSELF! and possibly have it for breakfast too.. not that i did that.. because cheesecake for breakfast would be weird. never.

the Macros you ask?!
Serves 12
Macros for 1 slice:
Fat: 8
Carbs: 2 (!!!!!!!)
Protein: 10

***when using FAT-FREE Cream Cheese, macros are:
Fat: 1
Carbs: 2
Protein: 12

i mean….. THOSE MACROS THOUGH! can i get a highfive?!?!?



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