butter coffee

butter coffee

yep. butter + coffee.

the best combination EVER.

and for many good reasons, besides the fact that it’s well.. butter. and coffee. two fantastic loves of life.

most people are used to tossing in the sugar and pouring in the cream, and the idea of putting (or even adding butter into your life in general) butter into your coffee may make you slightly skeptical.

now this isn’t just any butter, so please don’t go into that butter dish on your fridge door and scoop that shit out. that’s not butter.

unsalted, grass-fed butter. 100% butter. real. butter. 100% fat and nothing else.

so why grass fed butter?

most cows are corn or soy fed (gross) because it’s cheap, filling and plumps those cows right up.  but did you know cows are not actually meant to eat that stuff? their bodies aren’t even able to digest it properly and thus t heir milk produces the kinds of fats you don’t want in your body.  grass-fed cows on the other hand produce the best milk and beef, and especially BUTTAAHH.  so what are the benefits of this creamy goodness and why you should put it in your coffee?

1. grass-fed butter is the only butter that has the right fats that regulate cholesterol, not add to it.  it has the best ratio of omega-6 and 3 fatty acids (which reduce body fat. win.) and is a good source of vitamin K which i’ve talked about in previous posts what a great vitamin that is.

2. it provides healthy fats for your brain and body to create cell walls (aka membranes) and hormones.

3. drinking this winning combo every morning puts your body in a place to burn fat all day.  CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) that is found in grass-fed butter helps reduce body fat mass – so pumping a healthy dose through this delicious concoction on an empty stomach each morning gives your body that extra fat burning BOOST!

4. this mix will give you SO much energy as well as increase mental function that you can literally feel when it kicks inf or about 6 hours, and with no crash like a regular cup of coffee filled with sugar and cream (both with ingredients you can’t even pronounce).  healthy fats in the morning regardless will help your body produce ketones, which are created when your body creates energy from fat rather than carbohydrates. which i’ll do a whole notha’ post on soon.

it is honestly the most creamy goodness drink you’ll ever make and you’ll begin to feel the benefits from it much quicker than a regular cup ‘o joe.

so of course i’ve created my steps and exact brands i use for my fat-filled, power coffee!

Fat-Burning Fat Coffee
sounds so ironic 

whatcha need:
1 tbsp total grass-fed unsalted butter (I get mine from Harris Teeter and Whole Foods)
ORGANIC coffee. don’t do this unless it’s organic. because you shouldn’t be drinking conventional coffee regardless, that ‘ish is filled with stuff that’s not beneficial to that ‘bod!

Fat-Burning Fat Coffee
butter coffee

i do 1-2 tsp per cup then as i refill i just add more. scoop it right into your mug

Fat-Burning Fat Coffee

then pour coffee in!

Fat-Burning Fat Coffee

Fat-Burning Fat Coffee

look at that smooth, creaminess, amen?! enjoy!



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