BCAA Strawberry Gummy Rings

BCAA Strawberry Gummy Rings

raise your hand if you like losing your gains?!

oh? you kept your hand down? because you like keeping that lean muscle you’ve worked oh so hard for?

that all sounded so ‘bro’ but you get my drift!

that’s why taking BCAAs are so crucial pre and post workout.

i’ve shared in emails the importance of including BCAAs in your supplement stack and also broke down what ARE BCAAs in this post right here.

but you know how you can make and hold on to those precious gains even MORE?!

by eating strawberry BCCA jelly rings before and after your training session, duh!

yep! because it’s a proven fact that eating candy-inspired supplements made by yours truly helps your muscles heal and stay healthy!

not a proven fact.. don’t hold me to it! but let’s pretend it is!

the AMAZING thing (one of like 230423) about Slap Nutrition’s products are not only are they all 100% CLEAN, aka you can pronounce all the ingredients… but that they made their BCAAs FLAVORLESS!

BCAA Calorie-Free Gummy Rings

a lot of peeps ask me how i take my BCAAs since the powder isn’t flavored.  the answer is: I GET CREATIVE! the fact that it’s flavorless,  means you can indeed get crazy creative with how you incorporate your BCAAs pre and post workout.  I either toss a scoop right into my shaker and squeeze some flavor drops in there, or toss it in with my Slapuccino frappe pre-workout!

but my most recent BCAA concoction?! ‘GUMMY’ RINGS! or hearts, or cups, or whatever shape your heart wants to make them and you have a mold for it!

are you ready for this?!

because it’s about to get REAL tricky up in here

kidding! ya’ll know by now none of my recipes and concoctions are tricky, so let’s get to business shall we?! so you can keep those gains and incorporate your CLEAN and MEAN Slap Nutrition BCAA powder more into your supplement stack!

BCAA Strawberry Gummy Rings

BCAA Calorie-Free Gummy Rings

whatcha need:

BCAA Calorie-Free Gummy Rings
6 Scoops of Slap Nutrition BCAA  (use code TAYLOR for 10% off!)
1 package of ANY sugar-free jello mix
1 Cup boiling hot water
2 Cups cold water

Step 1: In a mixing bowl, combine your 6 scoops of BCAAs and your jello mix, stir it up!  Then add in your 1 cup boiling hot water (important that it’s hot!) and stir until the powders are completely dissolved.

BCAA Calorie-Free Gummy Rings

DSC09881 (2)

Step 2: Pour in 2 cups cold/right outta the faucet water and continue to stir with a whisk for about 2 minutes.  Your powders need to be totally dissolved before you stop whisking your little heart away!

DSC09884 (2)

Step 3: Get out either a donut baking sheet, a cupcake sheet, or in my case a heart mold!

DSC09885 (2)

take a 1/4 cup measuring cup and fill up half way (1/8 cup) and pour into each mold.  I said 1/8 because then 2 servings (2 of your molds post-hardening is 1 serving).  If you do 1/4 cup that’s one serving of BCCAs

DSC09886 (2)

i did all 3, but only show the heart mold.  any mold will do!

Step 4: Stick your trays in the freezer for about 45 minutes, or until firm.

when you’re getting ready for the gym, stick the tray in the fridge for about 15 minutes so they soften up a bit, pop them out of the trays and transfer into a glass bowl.  Then enjoy!!

BCAA Calorie-Free Gummy Rings

BCAA Calorie-Free Gummy Rings

i recommend always keeping them in the freezer when not sitting out to get ready to eat pre-workout that way they keep their shape better.

BCAA Calorie-Free Gummy Rings

i had the best success with the donut ring molds – and they popped out of the tray so easily and they’re cute looking, right?!

cheers to incorporating an important supplement, in a delicious and fun way!!

BCAA Strawberry Gummy Rings







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