this weekend

i want you to take on one of the most important “habits” you can instill in yourself.


this lifestyle of health, fitness, self-improvement, all of it, revolves around balance.

what am i referring to exactly for this post?

holiday weekends, specifically the one coming up, easter weekend!

celebrations and holidays most of the time revolve around food. lots of it!

and a lot of it means a LOT of options to derail us off-track from our “diets”.

but guess what? this weekend, i want you to relax. not log into myfitnesspal or whatever other way you track your calories or  macros.

and just intuitively eat. eat the cupcake. have a little butter on your grandma’s freshly baked rolls with lunch.

enjoy them.

because guess what? you have the REST of your LIFE to hop back on track.

guess what you don’t have? those moments and special celebrations with your family.

you won’t look back when you’re 60 something years old and think “ugh, i wish that easter of 2015 i didn’t have that extra cupcake”.

you know what you will think? “i really wish i could tell my younger self to loosen up a little, and not have put the stress of food before family time”.

i’m not saying do this every weekend or every family get together, because well that could mean every weekend for some people.

just the holidays, and important celebrations that you know are coming.

let go. eat in moderation. make sure you’re getting some healthy fillers in there to keep you full.

drink lots of water, fill up a SMALL plate vs. a larger one so you think you’re eating more than you actually are.

and most importantly, remind yourself when you start to get food anxiety, you have the REST of your LIFE to get back on track and a day off will not undue your hard work.

smile, hug, and celebrate life this weekend.

and just eat some DAMN GOOD FOOD. ok?!



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