this weekend

happy friday and HELLO sunshine!

literally, the sun is shining,  not a cloud in the sky and it’s a beautiful  morning!  i just love spring and am so ready to embrace it with a BIG hug!

because who is so over winter and cold?! raise ya hand!

one of my absolute favorite things to do is soaking up some vitamin D. nothing fills my soul quite like time under the sun, just embracing the energy that comes from it.  a boost to the body, all-natural! you  know that feeling when you just get outside for the first time for the day and the sun hits your skin and you just SMILE?! it’s the best.

if you don’t notice those sort of little things, start today.

that’s not your task, but i do want you to start noticing little things like that and appreciating them.

so this weekend, your new “habit” i want you to start and then continue to embrace as a normal habit is going for a 30 minute walk.

outside. a walk. that is your task.

do you understand how beneficial stepping outside for 30 minutes can be for you? not only your body but your soul?!

it’s obvious that walking is the most natural and healthy form of exercises, in many ways the perfect exercise.  as we all know, walking boosts the immune system and enhances the nervous sytem along with your cognitive function.  it helps your circulatory system and helps to maintain bone density.

i’m not referring to your walking from the car into the grocery store or around the mall… i’m  talking about purposeful, conscious walking.

walking, in a purposeful, conscious way, is the walking that has the most magical of all benefits, because it connects you to a higher place, with unlimited possibilities.  this 30 minute walk i want you to take this weekend needs to be the only time where you’re FULLY present, with each step. feel your foot hit the ground with each step. look around you. smell what’s in the air. smile at the people you pass. notice how the flowers are blooming. feel the sun hitting your skin.

let your mind just be free.  allow yourself this 30 minutes to just be. don’t think about what needs to get done, or anything in the past. be present. fully present. when you catch yourself letting your mind go over “to-do”s take a big deep breath and look up at the sky. re-ground yourself, feel your foot on the ground, then keep walking.  i

walking helps me connect to the glorious world of nature, which we often lose touch with in our hectic day to day lives.  it allows you the opportunity to slow down and be aligned, a chance to breathe and relax. walking with intention and mindfully is a way to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance.  walk this way and your senses are enlivened.  colors will seem more brilliant, smells and sounds become more alive. the leaves and flowers blooming on the trees seem to be dancing in the breeze and with that you will have a sense of freedom of being in touch, in harmony with all of this.  it will allow you to really see the beauty of this thing called life.

walking outside provides the opportunity to reconnect with nature instead of walking on the treadmill at the smelly gym.  it offers a totally different experience.  no matter where you live, there is some sort of small space, a park a trail, a route where you can find that hasn’t been ruined by a cement land (parking lot).

walking with this way, with full mindfulness, does requirement commitment, focus and awareness, which is why i want you to start making a habit of this.  everything in life is ultimately about the doing. engaging in the activity and being committed to it regardless of the reasons that invite you not to. so walk. breath in and take in the world. exhale and let go of any stress that you’re carrying around, just for that 30 minutes.

have a busy weekend? don’t know when you’ll fit 30 minutes in? get up 30 minutes early tomorrow or sunday morning. lay your shoes out, grab your dog, or simply enjoy the time alone. just make it happen.  just remember, to be there. the whole time. look around you, realize how grateful it is to be so alive.


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