this week

how did everyone do on building their vision boards last week?!

i hope you’re taking those tools and really putting them to use, beginning to allow the law of attraction to be put to work.

but this week, i’m changing up the gears, and having you do something that may be really tough for some of you.

giving up t.v.

just for this week.

give it a try.

no t.v.

at all. no news. no weather channel. nothing.

we pulled the plug on cable television about 5 months ago now, and i haven’t watched t.v. in general (besides documentaries on netflix) for about 8 months.

and it has changed my life.

i now read books that empower me, my mind, my health and my business. thus creating a HAPPIER life in general.

i don’t get absorbed in the whole materialistic thing when i used to watch reality shows and think OMG I NEED THAT PRADA BAG. or feel less adequate because i didn’t live in a mansion like the kardashians.

you know after watching a show that is so full of materialistic objects, people, things, you’re left feeling bad about yourself? about our life?

yeah, no thanks. count me out!

if i’m at a friend or family members house and the t.v. is on and they’re watching a show, i actually now get really anxious and antsy. feeling like i’m literally wasting away my life and think of all the better things i could be doing to BETTER my life, mind and overall happiness instead of gluing my eyes to that screen. we could be playing a game, enjoying conversation, or just simply being in each others companies instead.

i’ve complied a list for you to help you really see that giving up t.v. has it’s major benefits.

1. you’ll save anywhere from $30-$100 on your monthly cable bill if you end up giving it up for good. yes i’m only asking you to do it just this week… but as my hopes are with alll my other “this week i want you to…” tasks, is that they turn into life-long, daily tasks/habits.  oh and that $30-$100 adds up to $360-$1200 a YEAR. holla for a flight to thailand!

2. you’ll be skipping out on countless hours of commercials and advertising, which is beneficial on so many levels.  you’ll be removing the pressure to look like a model, buy products you don’t need and eat junk food. side note: did you know we’re exposed to thousands of food ads per day via billboards, the internet, magazines and television? how many of those ads are for vegetables, fruit, water or quality meats? right. none. plus, you won’t be tempted by endless ads for new cameras, handbags, beauty products or cards. learning to thus love what you already HAVE in life is so incredibly crucial in living a smaller, slower life. turning into happiness.

3. you’ll be so much more productive.  the hours i used to spend plastered on my couch watching mindless television is now spent reading books to broaden my mind, spend one-on-one quality time with my husband, take my dog for walks every evening, and just focus on my passion: TayloredFitness.

4. you’ll control what goes into your brain.  when you give up cable and chose netflix or hulu instead, you can choose to watch what you want to watch. no ridiculous commercials blasting at you.

5. you’ll get off your ASS. yep i said it. you, on that couch for 3 hours every evening. you’re flattening that booty and wasting time you could be burning calories or simply allowing BLOOD TO FLOW.  while i’m not an advocate for working out 3 hours a day, our bodies are indeed designed to move.  sitting on your butt all evening truncates your hamstrings, increases inflamation and compromises circulation – leading to arthritis, weight gain and autoimmune issues. no thanks.

6. you’ll reconnect with the people you love.  because we don’t watch t.v. anymore, my husband and i have all sorts of conversations we would’ve usually had over top of commercials, not giving it our 100% attention.  we go on walks together, enjoy a glass of wine in silence on our patio, all sorts of one-on-one time in the evenings.

7. you’ll be able to hear yourself think. what a thought right?! ever notice when you spend the weekend in front of your tv, you go back to work feeling lie you haven’t had a break at all?! that’s because your mind is focused on what needs to get done all week, and when you program it with tv all weekend, it doesn’t get a rest. it’s still overloaded and fragmented on monday morning.

8. any news you need, you can get online for free. hell, just log onto facebook and you’ll know exactly what’s going on in the big-bad-world.

9. you’ll sleep better. studies show that constantly being in front of glowing screens is messing with our sleep. as well all clearly have realized. your brain is super sensitive to light, and being near bright light all day affects your melatonin production, which greatly affects your sleep.  an hour before bed, you should turn down the lights, turn off all your screens (yes, your cell phone. get off instagram and pinterest. #guilty).  your sleep will improve immediately.  you might be bored when you first give up your tv habit, that’s a good thing! boredom will get you off your butt.  maybe you can go run those errands you’ve been meaning to do for days. you can call friends you haven’t caught up with in awhile. you can begin making your ‘dream list’ on how you want your life to be going and start executing it. you can pick up a HOBBY! whoda thunk?!

you still might be thinking “um, no way taylor. i’m not parting with my beloved Breaking Bad, (or whatever the heck is on now a days).  again, this task is JUST for ONE week.. you can do it!  i think you’ll be so amazed by the results that you’ll consider spending less and less time in front of that darn box.

tv is not life. it’s designed so that you sit in front of it to consume advertising, so that you don’t live your life. do you really want to be a contributor to something like that? yeah, no thanks!

now turn off that t.v. and begin creating a CALM & HAPPY life! focusing on YOU and the ones around you!


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