this week

oh hi there, monday!

you beautiful day YOU!

if you’ve been ridin’ along this train for awhile  now, you know my absolute lust for mondays.

they’re the perfect day to hit “refresh”, write down what we WANT in life, where we want to go and where are minds are at in the whole process.

you could be reading this at work, or still enjoying the 3-day holiday weekend (for all you ‘amuricans), regardless – take a breather. close your eyes. and be fully present right here.

just give me 5 minutes of your time. it’ll be worth it. because guess what today is?

yes, i know, i already said it’s monday.

but it means i have a new  task for you to do this week. to get you closer to living a life FULL of happiness and passion. doing what you love and feeling the way you deserve.

if you haven’t read the past few mondays “this week” posts i’d do so now before reading further so you’re not totally confused.

here and the newest one here.

ok let’s get to it shall we?

last week  i had you create a private pinterest page called “visions” or if you didn’t want to create a pinterest account, to simply clip out clippings of magazines or save images off of google into a word doc.

so this week, i want you to:


1. get a binder . Preferably one with an insert capability on the cover, like this one or this one if you’re feeling bright! Or you can get all snazzy with it like this one ) along grabbing some clear protector sheets


2. get a cork board (preferably at at least 16X24 or if you have the space for it, this bigger one (24×35) which i personally have. you can also get a smaller one like this one, which is absolutely fine!  and last but not least, good ‘ol clear push pins.

i prefer #2, but i do indeed have BOTH of these for this specific task. because trust me, you can’t have enough of this project i’m putting you through.

there is an end in sight, i swear! there’s a reason this full project is broken down into a few mondays. i want to show you 1, life is about being fully present, taking our time and working on the task at hand, not looking at the end-line wanting to get there when we are HERE.

ok part 2 (binder/protector sheets and/or cord board and push pins was part 1)

i want you to create a word document on your computer, titled “visions”. then begin to open each photo you’ve pinned on your private “visions” pinterest board, right click, copy & paste that bad-boy right into your visions word doc.  if it’s masssssive, scale it down some obviously.  you want all your pins to be somewhat the same size when you put them over into your word document.

if you’re like me, i’m sure you’ve pinned like 1000 images of your desires, wants, passions, etc.  and ain’t got the time to copy & paste ALL of them over there.

so, that’s why i want you to really narrow down when weeding through that pinterest board to no more than 31 images.

yep, 31 get to make it to the word document.  no more.

ready? set?

copy & paste time!!

and don’t forget to share the progress of your “this week” tasks on instagram so i can see that you’re “doing your homework” towards happiness by using the hashtag #iLikeMyFitnessTaylored.



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