this week

in last week’s “this week” I had you write down 10 things you want to have happen in the next 3-9 months.

just 10 things that you’ve been either day dreaming about, wishing you had time to do or just simply WANT in your life.

did you do your homework?

if you haven’t, make sure you read last week’s post before doing this week’s “to-do”.

got it?

ok good! let’s get to this week’s to-do to get you closer and closer to learning how to make a HABIT out of being HAPPY.

i can never say it enough, and i will say it in every “this week”‘s post until i’m a broken record.

you. yes you. have FULL control over your life. your choices. your RESULTS. your HAPPINESS.

every single day you have the opportunity to smile. do you do it? do you wake up and smile?

or do you wake up and immediately have a small panic attack just thinking about all the things you need to get done.

or even dreading the day ahead because of something that you’re already PROJECTING about the results..

remember 2 things.  1. you have NO control over the future. 2. you have FULL control over RIGHT NOW.

choose the right now. right now. close your eyes after reading this next sentence: take a deep breathe in through your nose, track that breath all the way down into your feet, through your body, then let it right back out through your mouth. do this right now.

glad to have you back! eyes open! refreshed mind? relaxed heart beat?

ready for this week’s to-do?

it’s a simple task.

i want you to go onto (don’t act like you don’t already have an account and spend hours on it pinning recipes you’ll never make or clothes you wish would just appear in your closet 😉 )

step 1: create a private board. you do so by when you create a new board – hit the toggle bar “private”

step 2: title it “vision”

step 3: over the next week (and beyond – remember, this is a habit) i want you to spend, yes i’m telling you to SPEND time on pinterest, 10 minutes each day collecting images from all over the internet and/or pinterest of ANYTHING you dream of.  it can be a pin of BALI (note that’s on my example list i made you create last week), a pin of a pair of expensive heels you’ve been lusting over, a handsome man, a private jet, a baby, ANYTHING. pin it. remember, it’s private so truly begin piling all of your want and desires into it.

don’t have pinterest nor want to create one?  then begin collecting images from google – right clicking and copy & paste the image into a WORD document titled Visions!  A classic “old-school” pinterest! no excuses peeps! even begin cutting out images in magazines! the possibilities are endless.

just collect collect collect this week – there is a reason for this pinning exercise, i promise 😉

side personal note: i actually during my 9-5 “life” would spend HOURRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSS on pinterest. pinning thousands of things i wish i had, places i wanted to go, recipes i wanted to make but didn’t have the time nor desire because when i’d get home i was stressed out from work and didn’t want to bake. vicious cycle! then would do it all again the next day..

now. today. in real life. in this life i’ve created by doing this week’s to-do, the only time i spend on pinterest is looking for recipes TO make FOR my clients or to get tips/info on places i AM going. i don’t day dream on pinterest anymore. i really only spend time on there to literally get me closer to creating the life i WANT and that  makes me HAPPY! i LIVE those things. i did so by executing and IMPLEMENTING today’s to-do, last week’s to-do and next weeks and others i will be bringing you each week..

i promise you’ll get there. but you MUST start by doing today’s to-do. create that “pile” of WISHES. of DREAMS. it’s between you and yourself. no judgement. it’s for YOU.

use the hashtag on instagram #ilikemyfitnesstaylored if YOU implemented your last week’s to-do, i want to see your list!!  and i’d LOVE to see a screen shot of you officially making your “visions” private board (pre-pinned obviously if you want!) too!!  do this by using that hashtag #ilikemyfitnesstaylored!

i truly love sharing these tips with you, and i hope with all my heart you use them and maybe share them with someone you love who could benefit from creating a HAPPIER life as well!!!  the more happiness that each of us carries around the happier the world. it isn’t cheesy, it’s true.



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