TayloredReads Monthly Book Review: Nutrition & Personal Growth

TayloredReads Monthly Book Review: Nutrition & Personal Growth

Who doesn’t love the smell and feeling of cracking open a book for the first time? Is it just me or do you feel excited, curious and just happy knowing you are about to dive into a whole new world, learn something new, and come out with your mind re-wired just a little bit different from it all.  That is why I am such an avid reader, the knowledge, stories, situations you read in books literally re-writes your brain! I am all about optimal living, creating the most out what I learn so I can then continue to build a happy brain and life!

I am always sharing with you guys the books I read over on Snapchat (TayloredFitness) and the overwhelming response on how the books I currently am into are going, and messages from everyone that they went out and got the book too! Like one big book club! I love it!  your feedback from my previous book review was astounding and I just am so thrilled that you all benefit from and can learn what books to buy/not to buy so you can make most use of YOUR time and learn along the way! Because nothing like getting a book, being half way through and dying for it to be over already so you can get onto the next book, because it’s just that bad.

I’m here to the rescue! No more spending time on what book to get and not get, because as I mentioned in my first book review, I read a minimum of 5 books a month (try!) and will then share my thoughts on each with you all.

From self-help, personal growth, nutrition, spirituality, happiness, you name it I’m going to read it!

Here we go, pull up your seat, grab that cup of coffee and let’s get down to the Taylored Book Review time!

What I read this past month (March-April)

Curious by Todd Kashdan,  Ph.D.

TayloredReads Monthly Book Review, Nutrition & Personal Growth

Score: 8/10

I was browsing through the library shelves, having no set book I was on a mission to find, just whichever popped out at me and drew me to it. Sitting right at my eye level was Curious, bright yellow, with the simple title. Yes.. yes I am curious, how did you know?! So without even reading the back of it or in the sleeve to see what it was about, I decided it was the one for me.  When I pick a book I don’t think about it too much, if I feel drawn to it, I grab it and go. why not, right?

I definitely didn’t regret my decision, or should I say…. My curiosity to what was within the bindings!  The author has a gentle tone, a ‘fun’ way of engaging you and you can feel his good energy. Always a plus in my ‘book’.  He emphasizes the fact that “curiosity is a centerpiece of mindfulness, and contrary to what we often expect, novel and uncertain evens intensify and prolog positive experiences. ….with effort, we can become more curious and in so doing, we can change how we approach the world”.  He dives in further on the importance of pursuing activities you enjoy doing and get lost in, the science behind constantly looking at the world in a ‘curious’ eye is crucial for mind growth and overall happiness.  I also love how he gave scenarios of different ways people live their day to day life, to see which ‘category’ you fall into which one and then how you can take his suggestions from it and create a better more fulfilled life.

So if you’re looking for a great read, I highly suggest this book! It reads smoothly, and you won’t want to put it down because it just is that truly enjoyable.  Yes!

Sugar Crush by Dr. Richard Jacoby and Raquel Baldelomar

TayloredReads Monthly Book Review, Nutrition & Personal Growth

Score: 6/10

This was another one that I just sort of grabbed off the shelf because I love learning about nutrition, especially when it comes to something that ‘hits home’ with me.  As a recovering sugar-addict, I love learning the science behind addictions so to better understand how our brains work around them and most importantly any tools to continue overcoming falling into addictive behaviors, food being the focus.

It was overall a good book, I gave it a 6 because it eventually became repetitive and just more science ‘talk’ than I wanted.  I love and appreciate all the science they provided on the harm sugar does to your body and great real life stories how sugar has damaged our society, health care and causing so many long-term health issues on everyone who consumes it.  The authors go over a lot about how the different nerves work in our body, how inflammation from sugar damages nerves, and so much as to explain exact how diabetes happens and chapters on the signs that someone is starting to incur the disease.  This is all great information to learn, just could have been less chapters spent on it.  BUT I do know how incredibly delicate, detailed and crazy the nerves in our FEET are, really cool actually.  It did, most importantly, open my eyes to truly the damage it does on our bodies AND most importantly our minds.  Not only causing diabetes, but in the long term Alzheimer’s and many other illnesses.  I am all about being proactive with my health, so this book and the proof behind the harm of sugar definitely left me looking at the manufactured sweetness in a new light.

So if you’re looking for a book to sort of kick you in the butt, be that ‘light’ and just need to drill it into your head how bad sugar is for you in hopes to look at how much you consume it in your life, then read this book. I can easily say I appreciate and look at the sweets differently that I put into my body and will continue to after reading this book.

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD

TayloredReads Monthly Book Review, Nutrition & Personal Growth

Score: 8/10

Another great nutrition book, and the irony of me reading this after the Sugar Crush book… let’s just say the universe wanted me to fall into these two books and read them together… yikes! I’ve always known how processed food does damage to your body internally, but what it does to your brain in the long, even short-term, is jaw dropping.  People look at processed food (pasta, bread, cereal, donuts, etc) as sometimes adding a few inches on your waist line if not eaten in moderation (visceral fat), but they don’t think about what it’s doing to your brain.  If you can feel by now, I am big on learning how the brain works, science and how to prevent anything bad from happening to my brain and overall how to make sure it’s functioning at its highest level.  One of the main reasons I meditate on a daily basis and practice mindful living is the benefits it has on your brain and cognitive function.  So when you first look at the cover of this book you think “ok it’s going to talk about how bad carbs are.. yada yada..” but he only talks about how it they can build up fat on your body a little bit, he talks more about the effects on your brain.  What I appreciate most is all the real-life stories he provides of people who have come to his office with all sorts of things like turrets, ADHD, anxiety, etc. and they’re taking all sorts of pills from their doctor and not seeing any changes.  So he runs gluten sensitivity scans on them, has them change their diet and within weeks, months,  years they’re either 100% ‘healed’ or being able to live a better life because of the changes.  The turrets example… after a few weeks of eating nothing with processed food (gluten) in their diet, their turrets they had for YEARS completely vanished! The harm it was doing to their brain was clearly reversible which makes you realize you too could be having some ‘brain issues’ that you don’t even realize, then when you take out a processed food item, your mind becomes clearer, you’re not exhausted and so many other great features.

So I definitely left this book feeling much more enlightened and aware about continuing to learn more about the brain, how I can keep mine healthy for now and for my future.  The author also provides a ton of all natural supplements he recommends each person should be taking on a daily basis to keep their minds sharp and their bodies happy, along with what tests you should have done if you want to ever go to a doctor who is an expert in gluten sensitives, etc. which I always appreciate learning new things to incorporate in my routine to better my life!

Get this book!

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, Ph.D.

TayloredReads Monthly Book Review, Nutrition & Personal Growth


Yep! A big fat 100%, 10/10, this is your sign to get this book! This is my first time reading anything by Brown, and I just flipping love her.  Her attitude, her poise, her confident way of speaking backed with her extensive research on the way humans look at themselves through shame and better of saying ‘lack of self love’.  She starts by explaining the fact how she began her journey of wholehearted living, and how she took a ‘down in the dumps’ feeling and flipped it over so she could begin living a life full of love and passion.  Each chapter is about cultivating a certain type of attribute that makes your life just that much better, your mind too and the people around you.  If you have children, she gives great examples on how to approach or respond to them with differently as to help build their self-love muscles at a young age, which was great to read and insightful for my future.  She emphasizes the importance of lightening up, not taking yourself, your thoughts and life so seriously. Play, dance, embrace who YOU are and give that back to the world.

Period, point blank, get this book!

You are a Badass by Jen Sinero

TayloredReads Monthly Book Review, Nutrition & Personal Growth


If you follow me on Snapchat you saw I not only read this book one time, but TWICE! The first time I had picked it up at the library, got through half of it then realized, ‘omg I need to own this book’ so I could mark it all up.  So I hopped on Amazon that moment, chose next day shipping, returned the one in my hand to the library then waited patiently (not) for MY copy.

When it arrived, I started from the beginning, had my sticky tabs ad highlighter ready and dove right back in!

TayloredReads Monthly Book Review, Nutrition & Personal Growth

TayloredReads Monthly Book Review, Nutrition & Personal Growth

It’s like the words were coming out of my mouth in this book.  THIS book creepishly is exactly how I try to live my life, how I try to re-write my brain to think and execute, and I just absolutely LOVED it.  she is brash, honest and pushed me to see that I am on the right path in believing in myself, inspiring others and to keep on the mission of wanting to change the world with happiness because that’s what I want to do. If you need that push, kick in the pants, some kickass inspiration that YOU ARE AWESOME and to keep DOING YOU… get this book!

If I could count the number of people who emailed/IG/Snapped me pics of their copy of this book after I explained my scenario of reading it twice, I’d run out of hands and toes! So I’m so happy to hear so many of you have already whipped these pages open and hope more do so also.


There you have it!  What I read, ‘episode 2’!  have you read any of these yet? Are you excited to if not?!  Let me know which ones you end up reading, tag me on Instagram (@iLikeMyFitnessTaylored) and using the hashtag #TayloredReads, #TFCommunity or shoot me an email which ones of the past two ‘reviews’ you’ve already read and enjoyed! I love hearing back from you all and if these books I bring you help change your life!

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