Removing our Labels

i did an Instagram-live on the topic of LABELS and the feedback was overwhelming, that it inspired me to begin posting more of my rants here, in written form as well.

so when i refer to labels, i am referring to self-labels.  labels that people have put on us since we were 5, 18 or even just yesterday.  things we were told from an outside person or situation that we allowed ourselves to believe.   we then take these labels, and turn them in to our reality.  some of the labels can be ‘good’, but others may be holding us back, more than we even realize it.

i used the example of the fact that at age 4 I was labeled shy.   i would always be tagging a long behind my mom, hiding behind her leg when she would be having a conversation with someone.  i remember vividly at one of her work events i was doing it and my parents said “oh she’s just shy!”

and there you have it, from then on i was shy. i literally spent my entire life labeling myself as being shy.  using it for excuses to get out of situations that made me uncomfortable.  accepting the fact it was just WHO i was and to deal with it.

heaven forbid a teacher called on me in class growing up, i would of rather have had a root canal than speak in front of a group of more than 2 people.

it wasn’t until as little as 5 years ago a light bulb went off in my head.  i was so sick of ‘hiding’ of accepting the shy label that was stamped on my forehead for over 20 years.  avoiding making new friends, saying no to amazing opportunities and so on..  i wanted to be labeled confident.  but then i realized, wait, that’s a label to.

so here’s what i did: i decided to be ME.  i decided i want to take each moment and act how i feel like acting.  however i feel called to do.

i de-labeled myself.

i am now Taylor.  period.

so what labels have you been carrying around?  what were you told, believed, and have allowed to take control over choices you make because of it?  if they’re labels that create limiting self-beliefs then toss them.  rip that sticker off and start fresh.
it’s never too late to re-invent who YOU ARE.  because it’s already in there.  you just needed a fresh perspective.

this is your sign.  be you.

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