choose just one thing

choose just one thing

every single morning. & that one thing can CHANGE your life.

if you have no clue what i’m referring to, i shared the below photo on instagram last night (along with the complete post underneath bc i’m technological “special” and don’t’ know how to crop correctly.)


“every morning when i wake up, i think “what is ONE thing I can do better than I did yesterday?” ONE thing that you went to bed the night before that you either wish you could’ve gotten done, had done better or had done differently.. choose ONE thing to do better every single morning and eventually… all those little things, will add up to a better and better YOU!!!”

this made me think, i bet there are so many other people out there who deal with the same issue i do: laying our head down in bed at night, body exhausted but your MIND running rampid.  this can be due to stress, going over all your to-do lists for the next day, what you didn’t get done that day, life issues, etc.  we’re all victims of our own minds.  but taking CONTROL is what i aspire to do every single day, and hopefully help others take control of their minds to, which leads to a BETTER and HAPPIER life.

so you know all those things running through your mind at night? grab a pen and paper and keep it by your bedside, because THIS is a task i want YOU to do tonight, and every night from here on out:  before going to bed write down FIVE things you WISH you had gotten done, had done better, or need to do tomorrow to make YOUR life BETTER.  just write them down, and stick it back on your bedside table, or wherever.

when you wake up in the morning, glance over at that list, then pick ONE thing (because 5 things is too many and can be overwhelming first thing in the morning to put that much pressure on yourself) you want to do better with today or get done. just ONE thing.  whether it be as simple as SMILING more because you let emotions get the best of your “bad day” the day before, or even just WRITING THAT BLOG POST you’ve been meaning to write, or APPLYING for a new job that you’ve been dreaming about because you are miserable at your current one.  it can be ANYTHING, anything.

then THAT day, do THAT one thing.  when you go to bed that night, i can promise you you’ll feel a little less stressed and HAPPIER because there’s one thing you checked off your mental “to-do” list and the one you wrote down on the night before.  think about over time, doing this every single night/morning, how much you’ll end up DOING to make your life better?!?!  it’s unavoidable.

i have tons of other “happiness” tips i’ve learned along the way, that i will be sharing over time.  so get ready and take each one however YOU want to, but remember, don’t let your mind control you, YOU are in control of your mind. and your own happiness. period.

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