i am awesome.

i am awesome. i am beautiful….

i know i know, you’re thinking ‘wow taylor… way to be a narcissist! jeesh!’.

self-love.  that’s what it is.  there’s nothing selfish, narcissistic about good ‘ol self-love.  it is more important to your future, your daily life, your relationships, your love for others, than most people are aware of.

how can you SEND out love to anyone else, be it your significant other, family, friends, colleagues, whomever, if you DON’T love YOURSELF?

people are constantly seeking and begging for attention, love, recognition from others, anyone for self-gratification.  it’s exhausting, we all do it.  but can you imagine doing that for the rest of your life?! YIKES.  when would you ever stop? when is enough, enough? when will you ever get truly gratified and fulfilled because of attention from another?  never. you never will, unless you love yourself wholeheartedly.

ok, so “i love myself”  cool. got it. now i’m a fulfilled person.

nerp. not that easy. it takes constant practice, 24/7 for the rest of your life.

ok so how is that not any more exhausting than seeking that love from someone else for the rest of your life?! “WHERE IS THE EASY BUTTON” you ask?!

affirmations. every single morning, every afternoon, every evening, every segment of your day if you so choose.

Self Love Affirmation #quotes #love #affirmations

in my little zen spot where i mediate every morning, i have a sheet of paper that lists 10 affirmations and i read them out loud every single morning. the same thing, every single morning and probably will for the rest of my life, or until i make a new list, obviously 😉

reminding yourself how truly amazing YOU are. how beautiful YOU are the way you are. how perfect YOUR body is the way it is right this very moment. how confident you are in all that you do.

at first, it will be hard to believe yourself, because that little ego of yours that your’e slowly killing (who does not everrr want to die) will come out from behind the scenes and say “hey, you are NOT awesome, i mean look at you, you’re a slob”.  see those thoughts, acknowledge them, but then go back to the reason you started your affirmations: SELF LOVE.

overtime, these affirmations will be apart of you, will be you, you’ll have ingrained in  your subconscious that you ARE indeed awesome, that you ARE beautiful. that you ARE confident. and the moment you start loving yourself and ALL that comes with you, because they are YOU, you are then able to truly send out THAT love back into the universe and those around you.

Affirmations+For+Success | 21 Best Affirmations for Success in Life14

your relationships will change, you will start to push yourself away from relationships that are self-sabotaging to your self love, you will start to see others in a whole new light. you will LOVE everyone you meet, because you love yourself.

isn’t life better when you have those little spurts of “wow, i’m proud of myself for running that marathon” or as small as “i’m proud of myself for losing those 5 lbs because i feel and am looking great”?  you can have that feeling, that joy every second of your life.

here are some of my favorite affirmations i’ve “pinned” overtime. print them off, write them down, stick them to your bathroom mirror. your fridge. anywhere.

No matter what.

I AM Infinite Power


Affirmations+For+Success | 21 Best Affirmations for Success in Life1


I Am Enough


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