How to make 2016 YOUR Best Year Yet!

How to make 2016 YOUR Best Year Yet!


i don’t even know where to start with you!

i remember telling myself, on January 1st 2015, that this year was going to be the BEST yet.

and oh boy it was!!

TayloredFitness not only thrived, but I was able to be a part of SO many incredibly women’s lives and help them succeed in THEIR 2015 goals. which is such an incredible feeling.

so to all whom I got to work with over the past year.. i am grateful for you. YOU all inspire me daily to be the best i can be in hopes to share that same energy and passion with YOU!!

How to make 2016 your best year yet

i few readers emailed me requesting I do a 2015 sort of ‘recap’ on not only what i shared on the blog that seemed to be the most read, but tools i learned along the way that helped 2015 be my best year yet

i decided i want to break it down into my top 10 favorite blog posts i shared that you all loved the most, in hopes for new readers or anyone who missed them can take them, make them their own and push them right through to 2016!

a bonus?! the top 5 things i learned over this past year i never went full into detail on the blog.

so here’s how you can take the growth tools i shared and learned in 2015…

and make 2016 your best year yet!

1. Soak in all the knowledge, wisdom and inspiration you can get your hands on!
in February 2015, we called our cable company and had it turned off completely.  my husband and i decided (per my request) that we didn’t need all that outside, negative, brainless, and down right waste-of-time influence in our lives.  it’s so incredibly easy to plop your butt in front of the t.v. when you get home after a long day of work and just stare endlessly at it.  but what happens? you don’t focus 100% on communicating with your other half, your children or yourself… so when is the you time? the time for self-growth? the time to learn, to read, to create 1-on-1 time with your family.  turning off our cable was the best decision we’ve ever made.  why?! because i began READING. devouring every book that’s been sitting on my Amazon wish-list and never got around to getting them.  or the ones that were stacked by my bed waiting my opening them, but by the time i crawled into bed my brain was ready for sleep after endless reality shows..

i did a series called “this week..” pre-Africa (no worries! i’ll pick it back up in 2016!) where every Sunday evening i shared a task i wanted YOU to take on to make a happier and healthier you. it was a hit. tons of you emailed me photos of the items i said you should bring into your life, the words i told you to write down and the inspiration i shared that soaked right into your life seamlessly.  two of the tasks were to turn off your t.v. (not permanently like i did..) and shared 9 beneficial reasons why limiting your tube-watching time is wonderful.

Blog Post: “This week… Turn off the TV”

in place of t.v. watching, as i mentioned above, i read book after book on every topic you could imagine. all having to do with mental and physical growth. i shared in a few blog posts my absolute favorite books, but the list has grown since then!  so let’s just skip to the chase and here are the Top 10  (i’ve read DOZENS more.. which i’ll share in a separate post) books i recommend to my family members, friends, clients whomever asks! they’re LIFE CHANGING… and in no particular order. but make it your 2016 to-do, to finish every single one of them…


there’s a lot.. are you ready?!

1.  The Power of Now


2. Loving Kindness 


3. The Law of Attraction

4. The Wheels of Life 
..if you’re wondering what the tattoo down my spine means.. this is what.


5. Real Happiness  also Real Happiness At Work (read this while still at my 9-5 job and was very insightful!)


6. The Three Pillars of Zen


7. The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success


8. A New Earth51qo+8ZGO0L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

9. The Happiness Advantage 


10. The Gifts of Imperfection


as i mentioned… the list could go on and on… but these are my top favorite 10, that i’ve read each at least 2 times and they contain tons of tabs! which i highly recommend doing yourself also so you can refer back to sentences and quotes that really touched you.


2. Meditation

i know what you’re thinking and envisioning.. some hippy sitting surrounded by candles and incense humming crazy chants…  or possibly even a buddhist monk?  shake those thoughts! meditation is what YOU make of it!  i’ve been meditating longggg before it was ‘cool’ or acceptable to even talk about… now it’s becoming sort of a “thing” which I am all for.. but something that’s a ‘fad’ and not really appreciated and respected can be slightly frustrating.  so i want to explain to you why meditation is so important and how it changed my life years ago.. that way you don’t get sucked into the whole ‘take a photo of you meditating and post it on instagram’ because it’s popular to do thing.. and really actually DO IT so you can reap the benefits.

I shared in this  post….

Blog Post: “Balance and the Pursuit of Happiness” 

how getting rid of t.v… reading books and meditating changed my life.  which is also a good blog post to read that segways into #1 on this 2015 recap list.

meditation is about emptying your mind. your monkey-mind. that voice in your head that is constantly running.. the one that says “omg you look great! no you look like shit actually. god you’re fat. did you even brush your hair? you’re going out looking like that? that person is staring at you and they’re staring at you because you’re ugly” sound familiar?

i meditate the moment i wake up in my little ‘spot’ for 20-30 minutes. it’s tough. it’s hard to clear your brain. but the goal is to notice the feeling, hear the thought, then bring yourself right back to the present moment.

i plan to do an entire post on Meditation (and a podcast) in the near future.. but here’s a great place for you to start:  every morning when you wake up, go sit in a chair, or even slump down onto your floor against your bed. but make sure your back is straight.  close your eyes.. and for 5 minutes, only 5 minutes.. inhale through your nose and visualize it going down the back of your throat, all the way down to your stomach then visualize and hear it come back up and out of your mouth.

inhaling the love and exhaling the fear.

that’s it.

3. Creating a Vision Board
this was a huge turning point in my life. creating my vision board. i’ve always had one growing up, but this year i really took a stance and created one that truly defined where i see myself, my business and life going.  i shared in the following posts exactly how to create your vision board:

Step 1: Blog post “Write down your LIST”

Step 2: Blog post  “Create your Virtual Photo List” 

Step 3: Blog post “Gather the materials”

Step 4: Blog post “The Creation of the Board and How to get the results”

read those 4 blog posts in order.. and begin to make YOUR dreams and visions for 2016 and in the future come to LIFE! 

4. Gratitude Journal
Journaling too has become more popular and talked about, which makes me SO incredibly happy!  my mother brought journaling into my life when i was probably 7 or 8 years old and i’ve been doing it ever since.  it has obviously evolved over the years, but no matter what, writing down either how your day went or how you wish it had gone, to setting intentions and writing what you’re thankful for, it’s all important to self-growth and truly living a happy life.
every single morning, for the past 4 years, i sit down first thing in the morning (after meditating) and write down 10 things i’m grateful for. they can be big things or ‘smaller’ things like “i’m grateful for my coffee mug”. anything. the more you realize how much you DO have to be grateful for.. the more great things will come into your life..  the attitude of gratitude is KEY to creating a happy life. notice all the wonderful things around you, all the things that many others don’t have.. and be thankful.

and while in Africa i even did my gratitude journal! every day, there’s something to be grateful for, no matter where you are!


if you don’t already have a gratitude journal, here are a few i recommend choosing one from and begin your gratitude filled life.. and realize just how many things you have going for you!




then not only write down your 10 things you’re grateful for in the morning but follow it into what’s next…

5. Intention Setting

setting your day up to how YOU want it to go is crucial to happy and successful life.  if you wake up and your first thought is “ugh… it’s going to be a longggg and stressful day. i just know it”, then guess what?! i bet your day is not going to be filled with butterflies and glitter. setting an intention for how you WANT your day to go is the IDEAL and most important way to start your day. so when you wake up.. the minute you opened those eyes immediately allow a POSITIVE thought to come into your mind.  “today IS going to be a GREAT day!”  then you’re already one step ahead of yourself to having a positive day because you set the tone!
after you write down the 10 things you’re grateful for write down 2 intentions you have for the day.

Examples:  “Today, I intend to allow only thoughts that make my heart and mind happy.”

“Today, I intend to exude confidence in all that I do”

“Today, I will be patient with myself and others”

the list could go on and on…

i also recommend printing off some beautiful photos, words, pre-made pretty looking intentions and sticking one by your bed so you see it right when you wake up, or even keep them in a binder or on a board like these i shared earlier this year…


my board has since been changed because i like to update my quotes, intentions and visuals monthly as my intentions change and my passions evolve.

here’s a blog post i shared on intention setting and journaling before bed that is a great read!

Blog Post: “Intentions and Gratitude before Bed”

if you follow me on Snapchat, you know i not only write down my intentions in my morning gratitude journal, but i then write a separate Intention on a post-it-note and stick it right on my wall in front of my computer to make sure i see it throughout the day.  this is another great habit to get into!

6. Taking on small daily tasks that eventually turn into daily habits

habit stacking.. or in my terms “happiness stacking”.  i shared over 2015 a few different ‘daily habits’ (a series i turned into the “this week..” series) that i recommended you take on and then turn into things that you just subconsciously and automatically do daily, that help increase your happiness and joy for life.

here are a few that were the most read:

Blog Post: “Go for a 20 minute, Mindfulness Walk” 

Blog Post: “A Small Victories Journal” 

Blog Post: “How to cultivate Daily Motivation”

Blog Post: “How to battle Food Anxieties”
this one was geared towards Thanksgiving, but it’s helpful for daily eating! 

Blog Post: “Creating and constantly updating your Make-Shit-Happen timeline”

Blog Post: “3 Daily Healthy Choices”

there’s tons more under the MINDFULNESS tab on my Blog. but these are my favorites!!

7. Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

ironically.. this is one of my top 3 most-read blog posts!! which was shocking to me but made me so happy because the benefits of owning and utilizing a Himalayan Salt Lamp is amazing!!!  and if you want to focus on your overall health and clarity in 2016, I highly recommend bringing one into your life.

Blog Post: “Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp”

81DMfHTu+jL._SY550_ 91vjD3l1B6L._SL1500_

8. Live Life, and remember you’ll get back on track…
as many of you know.. i spent 2 months over the Summer in Africa volunteering and traveling.  during this time i ate whatever-the-heck-i-wanted and worked out 2-3 times the first 2 weeks then completely let-go the remaining time there.  i decided before i went that if getting to the gym or a getting a workout in was hindering my time there at all that it was going to be set on the back burner.  so it did! i gained about 10lbs and my body fat went UP, but was i ever upset?! NO.  by the time i got home, my clothes were more snug and i felt bloated. but i had the TIME OF MY LIFE. and i don’t regret the food choices i made or the lack of exercise.  i immersed myself in the Tanzanian and African culture and could’ve cared less about lifting weights! because i knew that when i got back home, in my normal routine, committed myself, that i’d feel better and back to where i started!!

do NOT let certain situations, opportunities, celebrations with family, or any of that be affected because of fear of falling off track. FALL OFF TRACK. but… get back ON when YOU are ready! you have the REST OF YOUR LIFE TO CONTINUE PURSUING YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS.

for the love of baby jesus.. if this is one thing i cannot push enough, is to LIVE LIFE.  you have one life. take any chance, opportunity, food-indulges with family and friends, and enjoy it to the fullest.  allow the fear of weight gain, food anxieties, and such to come to your mind, but then remind yourself that life isn’t all about eating 100% clean and working out 100% of the time and you don’t know how many days you have or your friends and family have on this earth.. so take advantage of every single one.

Blog Post: “Back on Track after Africa – my weight gain story”

Blog Post: “Progress update on Pre-Africa Body Mission”




just wanted to share some of the reasons i allowed myself to put fitness and health and staying lean on the back burner.. 😉

9. Overcoming and sharing my update on Binge Eating
this one is kind of two fold… this list i’ve compiled for you is on the top 10 things that made 2015 my best year yet and how to make 2016 your best year yet with these tools… but i know SO many of you struggle with something I fight, to this day: Binge Eating.  I am well over hundreds of days binge-free, and will be doing a series on how i overcame the disease, but i want you to read this… if you’re ready to make 2016 your BINGE FREE YEAR!

Blog Post: “Binge-Free.. Celebrate!”


10. How to become healthier internally and externally

staying fit and physically healthy is important to a happy life, but also keeping your insides healthy and your SKIN healthy.  i shared TONS,.. DOZENS of blog posts on how to incorporate holistic, all natural, products into your life and how to make them.  I also shared recipes for jump starting your metabolism, building up your immune system and piling on those superfoods!!

so here are the most-read posts for the two categories:

All-Natural Body Products

Blog Post: “Pink Grapefruit Shaving Cream”

Pink Grapefruit Shaving Cream

Blog Post “DIY Acne Fighting Toner”

acne fighting toner

Blog Post: “Whipped Coconut Body Lotion”

whipped coconut oil

Blog Post: “Acne Fighting Serum” 

acne fighting serum

Blog Post: “Coconut & Sugar Body Exfoliater” 

DSC03707 (2)

Internal Health


Blog Post: “Sassy Anti-Bloat Water”

sassy water

Blog Post: “Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger Spice”

DIY Bragg’s Ginger Spice Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Blog Post: “Jumpstart Detox Drink”

Grapefruit-Spice Detox Drink

Blog Post: “Rocket Fuel”

rocket fuel: MCT style

Blog Post: “Thermogenic Tea”

thermogenic tea

there’s obviously tons more awesome DIY stuff if recommend you incorporate into your life, which can be found under recipes and the DIY tabs!

My top 5 things I learned in 2015 but didn’t get a chance to turn into blog posts:

1. Stop caring what others think about you.

2. Don’t compare where you’re at in your journey with someone else’s.

3. People only post their highlight reel.. love the skin you’re in 24/7.

4. We are all in this together, so constantly be putting yourself in everyone you encounter’s “shoes” no matter if you like them or not. we are all doing what we think is best in every single moment, whether we approve of the other’s “best” or not.

5. Be patient. With yourself, and others.

How I recommend you start your 2016 off…

1. schedule a massage. show respect to your body, give it attention and love.

2. begin your Gratitude Journal

3. begin creating your 2016 and beyond Vision Board

4. write down a 2016 Bucket List. X the whole “resolutions” crap.. we don’t ever uphold it. so write down 10 things you want to do this year.
examples: “hold a static handstand” “volunteer abroad” “do a back handspring” “learn to play the guitar”

5. most importantly… write down on a piece of paper… “2016 WILL BE MY BEST YEAR YET”.



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