this morning i woke up feeling a little under the weather… fighting a little ‘bug’ for the past couple days but eventually dragged my butt out of bed for Friday 5a.m. Spin class.

years ago, this lethargic, feel-bad-for-myself feeling and thoughts would’ve continued on into the rest of the day and i would’ve been super unproductive and lazy.

but this morning… when i set my feet on the floor ready to hop into my gym clothes that are laid directly under my feet.. i closed my eyes and just felt gratitude.

gratitude for having healthy legs, a healthy body, i can still move, i can still go to spin.  just because i have seasonal allergies or whatever doesn’t mean there’s not so many other things to be grateful for that triumph that.

i drove to spin, thinking about all the beautiful check-ins i read before going to bed last night from all the amazing women doing the 21 Day Challenge.  The growth and self-love they all have already begun to grow even more than what was already inside of them, is just truly priceless!

after spin, i came home and went through my morning routine: ACV & lemon juice, poured a glass of Kombucha, meditated, wrote my gratitude list and set my intentions for the day then decided to clean up my office a bit and finally hang my vision board up on my wall (we moved recently and it’s been just sitting against the wall in the hallway.

this then inspired me to pull out my boxes full (like 400+) of printed-off inspiration quotes, words of wisdom, and beautiful images that just make me feel good.  then it hit me… how truly amazing life is.  it’s so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in projects, day-to-day tasks, and fly by each day.  it’s already friday, and i’m thinking to myself where did the week go?!  my goal for next week is to take each moment as it is.  my morning routine post-spin takes me about 1 hour, which i fully give my undivided attention and devotion, but afterwards i tend to follow my super-OCD time-line for the day and chug right through it, which is great because it allows me to be more productive, but i also want to make sure i feel gratitude and zest for EVERY single ‘to-do’, no matter how tedious, large or fun it is.  every small task should be felt, and you should be in the moment with it.  that’s how you enjoy every single day to the fullest.

doing the 21 Day Challenge has been beyond what i could’ve imaged and it’s only Day 5!  what do i mean?  i mean the inspiration and support all the women in the challenge (ladies, there’s over 1,000 of you! amazing right?!) provide for one another is unbelievable and in turn it absolutely makes my heart soar with gratitude FOR these women!  there’s millions of Challenges happening out there right now to start the New Year off with, but you all chose mine, and not only are you pushing through each day, but you’re sharing with myself and others how much it makes YOU happy.  THAT…. you cannot replicate, you can not replace, that feeling that all of you are having will continue for the rest of your life.  so i want to say THANK YOU for giving Week 1 your all, truly submersing yourself in the tasks, which can be mentally hard sometimes because we are forcing ourselves each day to focus on OURSELVES.. which can get pushed aside in these busy lives we live.

my absolute belief is in order to love one another, we have to love ourselves first.  in order to make the world a better place, we have to start by making our ‘self’s’ the best place.

for all who aren’t doing the challenge, which by the way you can literally join in whenever, i always catch new people up, ( i want to share with you how we began our week of working on the most important muscle groups: self-love and self-building.  my hopes are for you to take these daily tasks I will continue to share with you all through a blog post series, that we began working on and execute them in your life and get the same benefits and feelings the rest of us have with these new daily ‘mind tasks’.

Day 1: Gratitude Journal

i’ve shared, so so many times, my absolute love for Gratitude Journaling.  For the past 3 years straight now, I’ve woke up every morning and written 10 things i’m grateful for.  I write “I am grateful for…….” and sometimes the things are ‘big’ sometimes i’m just feeling gratitude for my toothbrush!  there’s NO such thing as something too small to be grateful for.  i’m grateful for this computer i am typing on to be able to share my message with you. i’m grateful for the light that is lighting my office so i can see my computer screen… etc.

“Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows, and the more power you have to use it on  your behalf.  if you do not practice gratefulness, its benefaction will go unnoticed, and your capacity to draw on its gifts will be diminished.  To be grateful is to find blessings in everything.  This is the most powerful attitude to adopt for there are blessings in everything.” A-Cohen

those days that are just going not the way you want them to and you’re seeing all the bad things that are happening… i want you to close your eyes for a minute, breath deep and hold for at least 3 seconds, enough to feel your breath filling your lungs.  feel the energy in you. feel what you are capable of. feel your mindset shifting and calming.

be grateful you have a job, if your job is hectic that day. be grateful you have a healthy body that many do not, for being able to get you to work.

be grateful for the fact that you even own a car, if it breaks down.

the more you notice truly how beautiful the life is that you’ve created around you at all times, the more you’ll be happy.

and the more you notice all the things that you have to be grateful for.. the more and more things will pour into your life that are good and gratitude-worthy.

you get what you put out into the world.

stop constantly thinking that ‘when you get this thing or achieve that thing you’ll be happy and grateful for it’ instead… realize how much you have IN THIS MOMENT, RIGHT NOW, AS YOU’RE READING THIS, that already have TO be Grateful for.
The importance of Gratitude Journaling

if you’re thinking that you’d be MORE grateful if you had $1,000 more in your bank account.. then you’re not ever going to feel fulfilled or happy.

be grateful that you even have $10 in your bank account.

over the weekend, if you’re not a part of the Challenge, I recommend for you to grab a journal.. and begin YOUR morning gratitude list.  or to start off, just simply think of 3 things you’re grateful for the moment your eyes open when you wake up in the morning or while you’re sipping your coffee.

there’s no such thing as over-expressing gratitude. the more you express it the stronger that muscle will become and the happier your life will be.


newest A Taylored Adventure to Happiness Podcast Episode is up! and it’s all about the importance of a Gratitude Journal and expressing gratitude.  So if you want to HEAR the importance of gratitude, go have a listen on iTunes, the podcast app on your apple-phone or the stitcher app on your android.  so many various places to tune in!  or you can listen right here on my blog: Episode 7: Gratitude







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