get this

get this

happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!




french fries

french fries and cheeseburgers


good stuff eatery.

what just happened….

CLEARLY you all know what’s on MY mind come the weekend!!!

now you want some good stuff eatery.

totally side note, if you HAVEN’T been to a good stuff eatery you’re missing out.

this is all totally irrelevant to todays blog post, but since i got so side tracked i had to share that little gem of a burger joint if you’re in the d.c. area and let’s just call it a BONUS “a new habit” to take up this weekend.

ok ok ok!

back on track.

every friday i bring YOU, yes YOU, a habit to pick up or something to do starting this weekend, to then take into the next week. fresh, ready to be a better you. then hopefully you continue with the “habit” for the rest of your life when you start to realize just why i’ve brought it into your life and the benefits of whatever the to do is.

because as i always say, these habits or to-do’s, are things i personally do or have that has absolutely changed my life and overall well being.

and well, why keep a good thing to yourself?!

my mission in life is to help others to realize how happy this life is designed to be, you just sometimes need the right tools or the push in the right direction to SEE that you CAN create a better and happy you. every single day. where eventually it just becomes a part of you.  then before you know it, you’re “that person that’s always happy!”for no reason at all. you know that person, that’s always smiling, for no reason, just in a great mood. they could be going through a tough time personally but they CHOOSE to see the good in every other situation throughout their day and not let something drag them down. it’s because they too have the “tools” and habits that create their happiness and outlook on life.

you’re well on your way to being that person, if you aren’t already.

so this weekends new habit i want you to do, that partners up with last friday’s post, is get this book:

Before Happiness, by S. Anchor

and for 20 minutes, with your himalayan salt lamp on, read this before bed.

just 20 minutes, every single night.

i say before bed, because not only does reading before bed help you fall asleep faster and better, but reading THIS particiular book before you hit dream-town will allow the words to soak into your subconscious, and you will find you wake up in such a better mood. happy.

ok – so you got it?

when i went to go find the link for the book on amazon, you know how on the top left it says “you purchase this item previously on…”: well this book came into my life on November 13, 2013. which is about 4 months prior to when my “light bulb” went off and realized i needed to get my shit together and create a life around what i was passionate about and 7 months prior to officially creating TayloredFitnessLLC .  i share this time-line with you, as i realize that THIS book was a catalyst for big changes in not only the way i viewed life, but the way i began to ACT on life.

i share it with you, because i want you to be happy too.


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