a new habit

happy monday!!!

i love mondays.

they’re such a good day to get back on track, refocus what our goals are and just  make shit happen!

it’s a day we should be excited for, never dreading. mondays are YOUR day to get to CHOOSE how you want your week to go.

start it off with a smile. with a big deep breath and EXCITEMENT for what the week has in store for you.  you may be anxious about a deadline you have for work, or a big project thats due. but don’t look at it as negative, look at it as an adventure. a piece of your chapter in your book of life. get excited that each day you get to begin living YOUR life and making changes to be a better and happier you.

so start today by saying “this week is going to be GREAT”. no need to say why or how. just say it. and then GET TO IT.

that brings me to the habit on your ever-growing list of “new habits” i bring to you every (used to be fridays, but it’s MONDAYS now!) monday to embrace, execute then eventually it’ll turn into a habit just like they are for me. because again, these habits are to start living the life you deserve, starting with how to be happy. 

your to-do this week is to go to the store after work today, or at some point in the next day or 2, and get a small journal. a small enough one that you can toss in your purse, carry in your back pocket, just a little guy. and a pen. and keep them together at all times. keep it on you at all times.

what do i want you to do with this little travel journal?

it’s your small-victories journal.

small victories? what in the world?

like running a marathon?


i want you every time you do or experience something on ANY level throughout your day, that made you happy, proud or excited.

example: you’re a shy person and every time you’re on an elevator with someone and you want to say “have a good day” or “hello” or just simply make eye contact or smile with the stranger but just don’t have the personality or courage to, but this day you DO or you DID. because you got the courage up to do something that was out of your comfort zone.

write it down.

in your tiny journal. write “i smiled at someone that i usually wouldn’t have the courage to do so”

yes, something that small.

because guess what? to some people that is a victory. and it needs to be celebrated.

another example “i spoke up in our staff meeting today” or “i chose to get healthy chicken salad over my usual fried chicken today for lunch”

anything that you mentally thought “go me!!” after doing it. right it down in your journal.

then at the end of each day, before heading to bed, read them over. or if you’re having a rough afternoon, read the day before’s small-victories to remind yourself how much there really is to celebrate for that you accomplished.

because each day is a new chance to celebrate YOUR growth to becoming a better person.

a better you is a happier you. a happier you is a more successful you. a more successful you is living a beautiful life of small victories that add up and remind you how AWESOME you are and deserved to be celebrated!

now go take on this monday, man-handle it, make today COUNT!

then celebrate YOUR small victories this evening, because you ARE victorious.


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