2 habits

2 habits

happiness. we all want it, we all chase after it, we all want to just be happy.

but that’s the problem, we want to be happy.

“want to” part and simply be happy.

easier said then done, ‘eh?

i’ve received emails lately and have been told a lot over my life that “i wish i could just be as happy as you are all the time!”

ha. if they only knew i do INDEED have unhappiness moments, down days, sad days, all the in-betweens.  but what i don’t do is allow any “not happy” feelings to take over me. i feel them, i notice them, i ACCEPT them, then move on.

if you let bad thoughts, bad moments, someone says something that offends you, sleeping past your alarm, stepping on a nail, whatever, make you unhappy and you let it soak in for more than necessary… then you’re missing the point of life.

let go

someone offends you.  hear it, remind yourself they that TOO just want to be happy in life.  feel compassion towards them. sounds crazy, i know. but do it. next time someone says anything that remotely upsets you, in your mind just look at them and say “i do indeed wish you happiness”.  feel your feelings that you are currently having, don’t judge them, then move on.  smile. it can be hard, but do it, smile. because you ARE happiness. you may not be a happy person at that moment but you ARE happiness. you are literally created to love and be happy. it’s all the outside factors that change that state you were created to be.

I am not always happy, but i am a happy person.    lately my moto.

so i have 2 things i want you to begin to do on a regular basis starting this weekend that will lead you to constant happiness. don’t chase after happiness, just let it be when it arises.

1.  every night, the moment that head hits the pillow review your day.  i personally have a journal that sits by my bed (not my gratitude journal, that’s for another post) but a “day in review” sort of journal).  choose 2 things that happened in your day that made you BE HAPPINESS itself.  it can be as simple as someone smiled at you on the metro, you got a raise at work, you chose to eat 1 cupcake vs. 2. anything. 2 things that you were happy about.  don’t let the “ughh but this happened right after that good thing” thought pop up.  just choose the 2,  and smile.

2. set a pre-intention. yep, an intention for tomorrow.  “tomorrow, i intend to be more productive with my time” or “tomorrow, I intend to smile at everyone i meet”. anything! just one.  then when you wake up in the morning, say it again, one more time, before you even whip those covers off to hit the snooze button.

to be happiness itself takes time, it takes practice. it’s easy to say “i just want to be happy for once in my life!” “how is that person always so happy?!”

because they create good habits. over their mind, over their surroundings.  start your journey to BEING happiness itself, just by adding these 2 nightly routines into your life, and you’ll be amazed how you begin to feel.

and because i’m obsessed with finding good quotes on pinterest, here’s some to leave you with!



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