work it out wednesday

work it out wednesday

booty work that is!

oh  hi there!

happy hump day!

or happy cinco de-drinko day?  enjoy a few margaritas last night? tacos? ready to HIT THAT GYM?! let’s do this!!

quick side note – fun fact: i’m SUPER computer illiterate. like no clue how to work anything, it’s a shock you’re even reading this. i kid i kid…. i’m getting better ya’ll!

but hey! we all have our talents and struggles!

it’s about bettering those things you aren’t so good at, not giving up, and eventually it’ll be one of your talents! or at least better than when you first began!

this little lady does not give up. she owns every “this-or-that 101” book because i’m a determined woman to understand everything i let in muh bubble!

one may be good at lifting heavy things and putting them down while someone else may be really good at knitting sweaters! to each his own!

what the heck am i talking about?!


Booty Workout: TayloredFitness

yeah, i learned how to write over a photo.

oh you know how to do that?! well me too now! 😉

so here’s YOUR Work-It-Out-Wednesday booty work!!

lawd knows it’s my favorite day of the week!

go heavy. eat right. and get those bootys TIGHT!


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