work it out wednesday

work it out wednesday

my 2nd favorite day of the week (booty werrkkk is my fav, OBVI) AND per request for MORE…..



is this week going by super fast or is it just me?!

have you been taking the beginning of the week to write down your goals? have you been getting back into the gym since the holiday weekend?

now is your day to do it! get back on track if you fell off over the weekend.

because NOW is better then LATER. because later… well, you’ll just think “gosh i wish i would’ve started back on track yesterday”.. and so on.

so YOU, yes YOU.  do something today that makes your heart sing! make a healthy recipe to set an incentive you to get back to your diet, go for a walk, do SOMETHING to be a better YOU! you’ll never regret it.

ok rant over 🙂

time for some shoulder werrrrrk for “work it out wednesday”!!

1. Cable Pulls:  set the cable down on the lowest notch, attached the handle and keep that core engaged as you bring your elbow up and back.  keep it AT shoulder level when you hit the top and FEEL that rear delt squeeeezing!
15 reps per arm, 3 sets.


2. Barbell Lateral Lifts: keep elbows locked the whole way through.  when the barbell is at the bottom re-engage by making sure your shoulders are back and back aligned.  then bring it right back up until your hands are right above your shoulder, not behind your head, right above your head.  then slowlyyyy bring it back down.
20 reps, 3 sets


3. Rear Delt Flys: make sure the bench is up high enough (or low) so that your hands are right inline with your shoulders.
the twist on this one, if you don’t want to do typical flys, is:
10 reps then hold it laterally and squeeze those delts for 10 seconds
9 reps, hold for 9 seconds..

so on until you hit ONE lonely little rep and squeeze!
3 rounds!!



now go build you some FABULOUS tank-top sculpted shoulders!!


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