work it out wednesday

work it out wednesday

happy hump day!!!!

i love wednesdays, almost as much as mondays. because it’s a good RECHARGE day.

if you set a bunch of goals and intentions on monday, and then life happens, you get behind those goals or intentions, before you know it it’s tuesday evening and you feel like you’ve accomplished only half your list.

then comes WEDNESDAY. i re-write my intentions and goals for the week, a fresh list, then restart myself to accomplish those goals.

which leads me to the lack of post consistency. LIFE. my clients & tayloredfitness come first, as much as i enjoy doing my blog posts, sometimes i just literally don’t have the time.  so no worries, i’m still here, and this blog is still well ALIVE!  be ready for some yummy recipes comin’ atcha – was able to make some heavenly goodness yesterday! just a forewarning for your  heart and stomach 😉

ok ok back to business! WORK IT OUT WEDNESDAY!

or WERK. i like to refer to.

i bring you some back-attack moves that will be sure to help you create that lean, strong back!  having a strong back is so important, it helps you from slouching, creates a strong core and balances out all that shoulder and chest work you may focus on!

when doing any back exercise, make sure to reallllly focus on that muscle-mind connection.  visualize and SEE in your mind the muscle you’re working. it’s so important to not utilize anything else that way you’re hitting the right spots.

1. single dumbbell rows.  make sure elbow is along your body the whole way and doesn’t bow out when you bring it up.  keep the core engaged, spine straight (don’t let it droop or give in with gravity as you pull the DB up)
15 reps per arm, 3 sets



2. underhand seated rows.  keep back straight, spine aligned and don’t lean in towards the machine when you let the handle go infront of you.  keep that back straight and shoulders back the WHOLE time.
20 reps (light weight) 3 sets.



3. overhand seated rows 20 reps 3 sets – same as above, just flip your hands. make sure elbows are along side body the whole way!



4. bent over barbell rows.  keep gaze forward, tight core and pull those elbows back and VISUALIZE those back muscles & lats pulling the barbell up.
12 reps, 3 sets


5. standing cable rows. shoulders are back and spine aligned.
25 reps (light weight) 3 sets

what are YOUR favorite back exercises?!


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