werk it out wednesday

werk it out wednesday

happy hump daayyyyyyyy!!

i know you just said that in the camels voice from that stupid commercial.  #iFeelYa

what’s wednesday without a little (as i call it on Intsa) #bootywerk!

so i’ve compiled some of my favorite booty-building exercises for YOU to rock out this evening at the gym!

or whenever your next booty-day is!

1. Overhead Squats:  form on these is SUPERRR important!  shoulders should be “compact” and wrists directly over shoulders the whole way through.  Squeeeeze when you get to the top and drop as lowwww as you can go when you get down into your squat to hit the glutes and not just your quads.  Push through those heels to keep your center of gravity towards the back.

20 reps, 3 sets.



2. Cable Tucks into Kick-Back: keeping shoulders/chest square forward along with hips the whole way through is important.  Utilize the ab work involved when tucking in and feel them being contracted.  Then KICK up and pull against the resistance from the cable.  you can also do this sans-cable and just utilizing your own body weight.

15 reps per leg 4 rounds



3. Cable Kickbacks.  Can you tell i love using the cable to hit those glutes?!    again, keep hips and shoulders square forward like the above exercise, and really ssqueeze those glutes when you bring the leg straight back and high as you can.

20 reps per leg (hold at the top of each rep for 3 second squeeze) 3 sets


4. Split-Squats at the rack.  You can do these also with just a barbell.  Form: make sure knee doesn’t go past your toe when down in the split.  push through the based heel to really engage the glutes as much as possible!

light weight; 20 reps per leg 3 sets


5. Step up & Kick Back with barbell: Push through the heel that is based on the bench, and keep hips square forward.  You can do these on any base, even like a stair in  your home!

20 reps per leg 4 sets



well there ya have it!! some of my go-to booty builders!!!

any requests for next week’s “work it out wednesday”?!  shoulders?!


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