Day 1 of 21 Day Mind & Body Challenge

Day 1 of 21 Day Mind & Body Challenge


Happy Sunday, January 3rd, evening! This must mean that this is your first official email for the…..

21 Day Mind & Body Challenge!!

I want to start off by saying how incredibly grateful I am that you have allowed me to guide you through begin creating the healthiest, strongest and balanced Mind & Body over the next 21 Days! It truly means so much to me that you’ve entrusted in me, believe in yourself and are ready to commit to building the best YOU, starting with this Challenge!

The goal is for you to take all the daily “tasks” I will be sharing with you every evening, to do the next day, into the rest of your life. Once this 21 Day Challenge is over… I want you to promise yourself that the happiness-building tools you learn, that they don’t just end on Day 21. In the pursuit of happiness and creating strong bodies, there is no end, it’s simply a journey and this is the start of YOUR best journey yet.

So let’s do this, yeah?!

Building a community surrounded by others who inspire you, you inspire them, uplift one another and most importantly cheer each other on, is so incredibly important to begin achieving our health and fitness goals – plus spreading Happiness and Joy creates a healthy LIFE!

At the end of every week, I will choose one challenger who really showed their commitment to the overall happiness and health during that week and they will be rewarded a PRIZE!! How will I do this?! By going through all of YOUR commitment photos, tasks, workout videos and photos, your comments and support for your community of Mind and Body Challengers, etc. that you will be posting and sharing!

So it’s super important to use the any of the following hashtags: #iLikeMyFitnessTaylored, #TFMindandBodyChallenge #TFCommunity and make sure your profile on Instagram isn’t private, so we can make sure we see each other’s photos and provide daily support!

As I mentioned above, each evening I will be emailing you the following day’s “task” along with the workout of the day. I will then post it the next morning on my blog just in case at some point one of your emails gets lost in the world wide interweb!
Here we go!!

Tomorrow’s Task and Workout
Monday, January 4th, 2016
          “Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want into your life. Be grateful for what you already have and you will attract more good things.”

Task: Open up your Journal, grab your pen and write down 3 things you are Grateful for.
Expressing gratitude is not only the key, but the building block as well to creating a life FULL of so many beautiful things to be grateful for. As our lives fly by us, we move from one thing to the next, it’s easy to only notice and focus on the things that we don’t like or wish we had, but instead we can start off our morning by focusing on the things that we do have to be grateful for. The more you see how much you have in your life… the more good things you will notice throughout your day and into the rest of your life! Every day… for the rest of the challenge (and hopefully for forever!) I want you to continue to write down 3 things you are grateful for every single morning. A continued habit that will begin to slowly change your life and create a better routine!

Execute: Post a photo on Instagram of your Gratitude journal with the 3 things written inside that you are Grateful for.

Workout of the Day: Sculpted Shoulders (below)

hold up!
before you scroll that mouse right down to see what workout i have in store for you tomorrow.. i’ve got a task AND workout for you to execute TODAY!
say what?!


Today’s Task and Workout
Sunday, January 3rd
   “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”
Task: if you’re truly ready… to give your ALL over the next 21 Days to begin creating the healthiest Mind & Body you can possibly create and continue doing so for life… share it with the people who support you!

Execute: Post the below “Commitment Photo” on Instagram today, tagging 2 people who keep YOU motivated!! **Bonus Points: Post it on Facebook and tag TayloredFitnessLLC!**

Workout of the Day: right now, stop drop and give me 5 push-ups and 15 squats! then share in the description of your Commitment Photo, that you did complete today’s workout!!



Week 1 Day 1

Monday’s Workout






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