Rock those Rhomboids

SO doing back exercises is SO SO important.  I do back-day twice a week.  The last thing you want is:
1. rounded shoulders
2. a hunched back
3. a soft looking back

let’s be honest, everyone wants a pretty ‘cut’ back – and here’s how to!

ever notice those people at the gym that are JACKED from the front than they turn around in their grimey little wife-beater and behind their shoulder blades is just like NOT jacked?! yeah, they skip back day. no bueno.

also, strengthening your back is great for posture and helps reduce any lower back pain.

ok so below are a few of my favorite back exercises – some videos some screen shots because I had already uploaded the video than deleted it off my phone. whoops!

15 reps 3 sets
15 reps 3 sets
12 reps 4 sets
12 reps each arm 4 sets
now for my ghetto screen shots..
rows are a classic: put it on really heavy, keep your back STRAIGHT and upright, and PULL elbows back, squeeze them together as you come back to focus ON your back

12 reps 3 sets.  i add 5 lbs each rep

incline upright rows (that crazy looking machine where you sit on it and lean on the chest rest

again, pull back and squeeeeeeeeeeeze
15 reps 3 sets 

T-Bar rows

15 reps 3 sets
(this is a day I did a lighter rep and kept going until fatigued – which is also a fun switch up)

whatever these are called lol

lean over, keep back straight and knees locked

and use your back to pull you up – also works the glutes!
20 reps for lighter weight or 12 for heavy – 3 sets

well there you go! some classic back exercises! enjoy!


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