21 Day Mind and Body Challenge: What you will need

Raise your hand if you’re READY!

ready, that is, to begin learning, creating and executing daily tasks that will not only raise your happiness level but build an inner and outer joy for life, every single day!  at the same time, moving our bodies, pushing ourselves through our mental and physical barriers and begin achieving our fitness and health goals through challenging workouts!  no better way to begin 2016, amen?!

one of the keys to creating and maintaining a happy  life is to surround yourself with the support of others! whether they be in person, or at afar!  banning together to push one another, to create new friendships and help each other to keep giving our all is part of the fun and joy of this challenge and beyond!

every single evening, you’ll be receiving the following day’s workout, daily task and overall inspiration and support!  this way, come the following day you’re ready to give 100%, commit yourself and uphold the daily tasks and workouts that will push you to create an all around healthier life, mentally and physically!

so, to help hold YOU accountable to doing the workouts and daily happiness tasks, at the end of every single week I will be giving away a PRIZE to the person who showed the most dedication to the challenge, the daily tasks and workouts, during that week.  plus, creating a community where we can all see each other’s mindfulness and happiness-building daily to-dos and workouts is one of the best parts of this Challenge!  so, when you post your daily tasks, workouts and any other photos, words, support, love, that you want to share with the rest of us all while inspiring others along the way, use these hashtags: #iLikeMyFitnessTaylored and/or #TFMindandBodyChallenge.  this way i can see who is giving 100% to the Challenge and be able to award the weekly prizes, but mainly for us, as a community to encourage and support one another to create the happiest, a more balanced and confident-building inside-and-out, lives!!

do you workout at home only? that’s OK! because the workouts can be done at the home or at the gym! if you do workout at the gym, and one day you’re not able to make it there, you can whip out the home version workout instead! that way you stay right on track.

the Challenge officially BEGINS this Sunday evening, January 3rd! so keep your eyes peeled in your inbox (add ilikemyfitnesstaylored@gmail.com so it doesn’t ‘bypass straight to your Spam or Promo folder)  for your Monday’s workout and happiness task!!

alright, let’s do this!!  below is what you need to gather for the 21 Day Mind and Body Challenge!

for the Body part of the Challenge you will need the following equipment if you plan to do the home versions:

Resistance Bands (you only need one, but having a couple of different tensions will help challenge yourself a little more)


Door Hook for your Resistance Bands


1 set of Dumbbells


for the Mind part of the Challenge you will  need the following:
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have a friend that you think would benefit from this Mind and Body Challenge who hasn’t signed up yet?! Send them this link and encourage them to join along with you!!

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