JUST KIDDING. i meant MACROS. and was thinking macaroni. there’s no macaroni in this post. just macros..

well macaroni IS made up of MACROS… soooooo i guess it’s an alright title!


so what the heck is this whole “iifym” term going around, ya ask?! what ARE macros anyways?!

macros is short for macro-nutrients; protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Your nutrition doesnt have to mimic this meme #health

…but really.


optimally, you want to aim to have much of your diet made up of whole, unprocessed foods, to stay in good shape.  this is simply food that’s in its purest form, and doesn’t come ina  package or have any added sugar/salt/stuff.  like an apple, a piece of meat or fish, fresh veggies, unprocessed grains, etc.  process

carbohydrates are made of sugars and supply energy to your cells.  this energy is then used for everyday body functions like keeping that heart beating, digesting your food, breathing and just movement in general!  there are simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.
              simple carbs have a chemical structure that is made up of either one or two sugars.  because they have a very simple (get it?) chemical structure, they are quickly digested by the body.  examples of simple carbs are white sugar (the kind you drown your coffee with, yeah you.), honey, white flour, juices (the ones with the ingredient list an inch long…), soda, cake, cookies, candy, chocolate, cereals.. you get the point?  all the foods that make you SO happy when you’re eating, but then about 5 30 minutes later you’re hungry again, and craving for more of those carbs.   the joy of macro-counting is that you can absolutely include these in your daily diet, but they’re best to being limited to 1 or 2 a day because they don’t sustain your body for a long period of time.  hence the craving for more and more, and you  never seem to get full!
complex carbs are made up of more than two sugars.  they are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and, because of their super complex makeup, they take LONGER to digest, which means you stay FULLER longer. #foreverhungryNOMORE. i’m still forever hungry whatever damn carbs i eat, amIright?! anyways, they provide more sustainable energy than the simple carb is my point.  examples of complex carbs are colorful veggies such as spinach, broccoli, yams, peppers, squash, unflavored dairy products like whole yogurt and milk, along with legumes like beans and peas.  now i’m hungry.. is it lunch time yet?!


gains. i mean protein… you know you’re a bodybuilder when you envision muscles instead of a chicken or eggs.. SO proteins are organic compounds that are made up of amino acids (which we chatted about on my BCAA blog post, ehhhh?!).  your body is made up almost completely of protein (what up gainssss) and all 20 amino acids must be present in order to maintain your bodily functions. like breathing, digesting, pooping, ya know. essential amino acids are those that are NOT manufactured in your body, thus you must get those badboys from food sources. there are 9 essential amino acids that you have to ingest via food to help your body continue to build, maintain and repair itself.  protein-packed foods are meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, dark green leafy veggies, tofu (not my favorite protein source, but to each his own), soybeans, nuts and seeds. gimmmme all the #nutbuttaaaa. because gains, bro.  ok ok, enough with the “gains” reference taylor. i gotcha.

fat. oooooh you looked down upon macro. people fear by including you that they will themselves get FAT. FACT. you get fat from FOOD. from carbs, protein, an overload of ANY type of Macro will make you fat. not just fat. boom.  ok rant over.  so fat is made up of a glycerin molecule that has 3 fatty acids hangin’ on to it.  fat is a SUPER critical component for keeping your cells functioning properly, building tissue and regenerating cells.  aka; it insulates your body against shock, helps absorb vitamins and minerals and keeps that hot bod of your’s temperature stable along with maintaining healthy skin and hair. holla!!  see… we should HUG fats, EMBRACE fats. bc they give us SHINEY HAIR!  ok, back to it… so there are essential fatty acids that your body cannot manufacture (getting the trend of essential and nonessential?) and must come from food sources. that’s why you’re bombarded with “omega 3 this, omega 6 that. THESE vitamins have OMEGAS IN THEM! TAKE THEM TAKE THEM!  i clearly had too much coffee this morning. some food sources that provide these essential fatty acids are fish, flaxseed, hemp oil, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts.  so eat ’em up!

so every morning, think of your body like an empty pegboard full of round holes.  each one of those holes needs to be filled with nutrients (round pegs) in order for that bod to do it’s work efficiently.  when you attempt to fill those holes with low nutrient or no nutrient foods (square pegs) all day long, those round holes don’t get filled. and your body won’t function properly.  but since they NEED to be filled, your appetite will continue to increase as you attempt to fill the holes but keep filling in square ones.. get it?  for example, it would take more than 30 Snickers bars (not hating on snickers, i eat them at least once a week) to get your full daily nutrients.  that also equals about 8,500 calories… i don’t know what “bulking diet” ANYONE would be on for that amount of daily calorie needs.  instead of alllll those candy bars to fill those holes you could have 2 eggs for breakfast plus 1 cup oatmeal and an apple. for lunch you could have salmon, avocado, potato fries and a salad. for dinner you could have a big ‘ol steak and a large sweet potaterr with BUTTER. so you can see here the difference between an EMPTY calorie and a nutrient-filled calorie.  yessss it’s true that a calorie-is-a-calorie, but not EVERY calorie is nutritionally equal.  THUS while people count their MACROS over calories.

you’re gonna get more bang for your buck if you go for 80% whole foods and 20% “fun foods”.  eating empty calories won’t satisfy your body but they do make you HAPPY, so balance them out with good foods. thus the joy of macro counting.. you can include the macros of ‘fun foods’ and it still “fit” into your daily needs (complex or not complex)!

need help figuring out what YOUR specific macros are?!  i actually provide a monthly macro-guidance plan! whoda-thunk right?! get to it so i can help you get your “diet” in check! —–>


… and i shall leave you with some funny “IIFYM memes…” because well, i love Macro counting and i love funny memes. so YAY!

IIFYM, IIFYM humor, IIFYM funny

Only IIFYM of course!
IIFYM, IIFYM humor, IIFYM funny
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ok ok, i can keep going. so i’ll stop!!!



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