ok here you have it – my first workout post. AND of course i chose leg day because it’s my FAVOORRRITTEE day (s) of the week!  it’s the day i can go in and just go #beastmode on shit. your legs are SO much stronger than you think, and when you find that inner strength you’ll want to keep upping your weights every time just to prove yourself that you CAN lift “2 humans” with your legs if you HAD to! (weird way to look at it, whatever).  


if you follow me on insta – you saw the 15 second version of some of my leg-day routine.  so i figured it would be a better idea to extend each clip you saw to better show you form/how-to/prove that you CAN get on those machines that may look intimating to some.

HOPEFULLY these works, because i am FAR from tech savvy, and you all can get something out of it!!  this is a typical “leg day” for me – i do other machines, but this is about as basic as it gets so you can learn to get OFF that treadmill and at least get an understanding of the bases for building healthy glutes and thighs!

** because i don’t show the entire workout, below each video i’ll provide the weight i use, reps and set #s:

**also, after each SET, i wait 30 seconds before the next set. and i ALWAYS add 5 more lbs after each set.  then remember that # i hit and the next leg day i START at that highest #.  this is the only way you’ll ‘grow’ – by taking your muscles to their max and then starting at that level.  never start off at a lower level because then you’re not utilizing your true potential, therefore you’ll plateau.

                                                            NO NAME: I MADE IT UP
                                                        280lbs 12 reps each leg 3 sets


                                                               320 lbs 12 reps 3 sets

                                                                    (don’t lock your knees when doing this machine, not sure why i did it this time around! just a note!)

185 lbs 12 reps 3 sets
(yes i am throwing my hips forward, do that and literally squeeze your butt for more tension on your glutes)
95 lbs 12 reps 3 sets
(squeeze your butt and put hips forward here as well)

                                                             REVERSE HACK SQUATS

140lbs 12 reps 3 sets
100 lbs 8 reps each leg 3 sets

i also do box jumps, single leg lifts up onto the box, and a few others i’ll do in my next leg day video!

i’ll end this post on some funny “gym humor” memes.. because i see them all the time and i literally crack up each time i see them!




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