HIIT Monday

let’s all agree that monday’s are sometimes no fun.

either we feel bad because we didn’t go to the gym all weekend, or made not so good food choices.

so i’ve decided, each Monday i’m going to post a HIIT for all of us to do anywhere!  that way we have NO excuse not to get a little sweat-action in.

starting the week of the RIGHT way, right?!

without further adieu..

your Monday HIIT routine – get it in!


each move i do 5 times, but when you actually do it, do them each 15 times (as you’ll see in the video).

the whole routine 6 times through, NO breaks!

don’t have a stoop or bench? use a set of stairs in your home, a stable chair, get creative!!


because we are going to man-handle mondays and make them a day to start fresh!


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