give me a six pack

it’s friday!!! so i obviously mean a six pack of beer!!

ugh i’m such a debbie downer.
but you know what’s actually BETTER than a six pack of beer?! 
six pack ABS.  that’s what.  want to get some? you have to do 100 sit ups every day.
just kidding. that won’t work.  because you know where abs come from? THE KITCHEN! and they’re sculpted in the gym.  
so eat good, do some abs here and there and you’re on your way!  I only do abs like once a week (if i even remember) – so you clearly just need to clean up your crappy food intake in order to get them to show.
because i promise they’re under there! wayyyy under that mcdonalds you’ve been eating for the past 4 months. 
if you follow me on insta you’ve already seen the videos, but now you can just pull them up on here as well!
if you don’t follow me on insta – last week I put together an ab routine then each morning provided 3 moves, so by the end of the week it turned into a whole ab routine you could peice together or just do each of the routines individually.
so here they are:
do them as super sets.

what the HELL is so super about a super set?! because they’ll turn you into superman, duh.

it’s actually doing a few different moves that hit the same muscle then going back through them again.  verses a regular set that you do 3 sets of the same movement.  supersets get your heart rate up and test your muscles because they’re not sure what’s next.  maybe doing enough super sets WILL turn you into super(wo)man?  i’m on a new mission..

so do each “move” 12 times, then the next move and so on until you’re at the last move.  then START OVER AGAIN!  do this whole “set” for 30 minutes.
and feel the burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn!
ok enough talk more videos.  i know i know.

and now you’re on your way to a six pack of abs. 
now put down that damn donut and eat some oatmeal. jeesh.

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