Fun with furniture sliders!

Fun with furniture sliders!

Hello all! This is Cassandra, back again happily guest blogging for Taylor. I hope you guys enjoyed my last post entitled ‘Mindful Stretching’ as much as I enjoyed writing it. Be on the lookout for more stretching techniques in future articles.

So, onto our wacky subject of the day; working out with furniture sliders. Yes, furniture sliders! Those things you use to move impossibly heavy things around the house. They are incredibly useful tools and are an amazing way to work it out. Used in gymnastics gyms all over the world, us coaches utilize them nearly every day to effectively train our athletes. They are a funky way to add some flair to your workout routine. Curious? Then let’s begin!

First, we’ll talk about the sliders themselves. I bought mine from Home Depot and they were easy to find once I asked an associate for help. There are a few options when you arrive upon them. My suggestion is to buy the larger size as you want them to fit on your feet. I bought a pack that consisted of 4 large circular sliders (which you will see in the pictures) and four smaller ones. The smaller guys won’t help much for working out, but they will do nicely underneath my couch so that I can move the darn thing without scratching the floors. The price was $10 which is pretty good considering that the ones we use in the gym cost the same for only 2 sliders. With the bonus large pair you can always invite a friend to partake in the exercises with you, and we all know sharing is caring! Onto surfaces. You need to be able to slide the things, which is easiest to do on carpet. No carpet? No problem! Simply break out your yoga mat, place a towel on top and slide away.

This first exercise is a doozy, but is great for your core and shoulders. Begin by getting on hands and knees, placing one slider under your hands.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 2.50 PM #3

I like to bring my feet up toward my booty because it’s a bit easier for me to slide out with better form, but you may also leave the tops of your feet on the ground. From here slide forward as far as you can, rounding out the upper back slightly and engaging your core as much as possible. Try not to sit back in your hips or arch your back as you come back to the original position.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 2.51 PM

This is easier said than done! Do 5-10 reps. The main focus is to try to get as low to the ground as possible while taking your time sliding in and back out.

Onto something more familiar, we shall begin by putting a slider under each foot and getting into a push up position. Bring your knees to your chest in a tuck hold and slide in and out 15-25 times.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 2.52 PMPhoto on 9-10-15 at 2.53 PM


Next, we’ll bring in one foot at a time to the tuck position, 15 on one side, 15 on the other.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 2.54 PM #2

But wait, there’s more! Bring one leg up to the elbow 15 times and repeat on the other side.


Photo on 9-10-15 at 2.54 PM

Now, bring your feet apart a little less than a foot and back together 25 times.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 3.03 PM #2

Photo on 9-10-15 at 3.03 PM #3


Try to maintain good form in your push up shape and feel the burn! Stay in your push up position and raise your hips to the ceiling so that your booty is up in the air, and slowly push back to push up position. Do this 10-15 times.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 3.08 PMPhoto on 9-10-15 at 3.03 PM #3



Go ahead and flip over shooting your legs straight out in front of you, placing one or both sliders under your feet. Arms next to your sides and hands on the floor as you raise your hips up to the ceiling, getting your body as straight as possible.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 2.57 PM #2

Hinge at your hips as you slide your booty back to your hands, trying to keep your seat slightly off the ground. Do 10-15 reps.


Photo on 9-10-15 at 3.01 PM #2

Last but not least, we have lunges forward and reverse. Place a slider on one foot and bring it out for a forward lunge 10-15 times. Repeat on the other side.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 3.06 PM #3

Then slide back to reverse lunge 10-15 times and repeat to the other side.

Photo on 9-10-15 at 3.06 PM #4

We’ll finish with some curtsy lunges, 15-25 reps on each side.

Photo on 9-11-15 at 11.14 AM

Start with one set of this work out and decide from there whether or not you want to add another set (or two!). Happy Work It Out Wednesday!!


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