back on track: the balanced way

hi guys! i feel like i’m the client now with this check-in!

which i like and sort of dread at the same time, in a good way! because, accountability right?!

accountability is KEY in keeping yourself on the right track and not allowing yourself to stray for too long.

mission Pre-Africa Body has been well under way.  but i’d like to begin by saying this past week i’ve been out of town on a little vacation. so since my last week’s day 1 check-in  i’ve eaten out

as i stated in my last post, i deleted the app MyFitnessPal and my approach for 1-2 weeks was going to be just getting back into exercising and eating when i’m hungry and stopping when i’m full. intuitive eating at it’s finest!

i’ll share some snippets below of what i’ve been eating but here’s what my exercise has been since last week:

last Thursday I did 50 minutes of hot yoga (fasted) then 45 minutes of weight training in the evening
Friday: 45 minutes of fasted Spin class in the morning and 45 minutes of weight training in the evening
Saturday: 20 minute fasted incline walk on the treadmill and 45 minutes of weight training in the evening
Sunday: 45 minutes of weight training
Monday: 45 minutes of fasted Spin in the morning and 30 minutes of weight training in the evening
Tuesday: 40 minutes of hot yoga in the after noon – no weight training as I made it my “rest day”
Wednesday: 45 minutes of fasted Spin class and 20 minutes of full-body HIIT exercises in the evening

So my workouts were pretty much on pointttt 100% this past week and i feel great about them! it’s been SO damn good to be back in the gym and lifting again. i went a littttttle too hard on legs my first day back in 8 weeks and literally felt like i was bed-ridden for 4 days. i couldn’t walk! whoopsies! was totally worth it, obvssss!

I like to mix up my cardio when i get back on track, and if you know me well enough you know i literally don’t run. i can’t. i try, i swear! but after 20 seconds i’m like “nope. not happenin'” so i just walk at a high (level 4/10) incline at a fast past of 3.8-4.0. just enough to get a little sweat!

So my diet this past week for example:
Breakfast: egg white omelet with spinach and peppers (fried on oil because that’s what the hotel does. but hey! i’m tryin’!), yogurt with lots ‘o seeds, granola and other good fats and a big plate of fresh fruit. like BIG plate of fresh fruit.

Snack 1: 2 single-serving yogurts that i take from the breakfast bar at the hotel. don’t act like you don’t do the same. and a KIND bar or some other non-gmo, organic bar.

Lunch: a big chicken salad, something nice and protein packed, knowing I’ll be going out to dinner in the evening i’ve been tending to keep my lunches nice and light.

Snack 2: pre-workout snack has been these all natural 100% organic black licorice bites! the perfect pre-workout snack because it’s packed with quick digesting carbs that i can utilize and burn up quickly so they don’t store as fat. win!

Dinner: yeah… i’ll share some of the photos below! ha! from pizza to pasta to cheeseburgers and DEEP FRIED MAC AND CHEESE. major wins all around this week for dinner.

before i share the photos, i want to share how important BALANCE is.  as you see, knowing i wanted to enjoy dinners FULLY while on vacation, i kept my day meals light (ish) that way I could utilize up the rest of my “fuel” in the evenings.

could i have lost more body fat% this past week? ABSOLUTELY.  but right now i’m not focused on shedding body fat quickly, i’m still enjoying not macro counting at all and eating intuitively and simply getting back into exercising and keeping my body moving!  i’ll eventually download MyFitnessPal again on my phone and get back to macro counting and really narrowing down on my diet, but until then slow and steady wins the race – because that’s how you get off fat the HEALTHY and maintainable weight.

if a coach/trainer tells you that you can lose 5% body fat in one week, run. run fast. because you’ll kill your metabolism. and i ain’t got time for that!

ok back to the food! here’s a little bit of what i ate throughout last week.  i won’t bombard you with everything but here’s some good food porn for ya to enjoy!

unnamed (2)
unnamed (12)
unnamed (11)

here’s a good example of what my lunches have been looking like this past week.  it’s all about balance!

unnamed (8)

the best damn almond ice cream cake i’ve ever had!

unnamed (3)
unnamed (9)
Mexican!  since i had an appetizer of a shit ton ‘o chips and guacamole (and knew i wanted Baskin Robins for dessert) i went with the fish tacos and a double side of veggies!

unnamed (7)

yep. that is indeed deep fried Mac & Cheese ya’ll..

unnamed (4)

unnamed (6)

the words biggest platter of pull pork, burn ends and brisket! and of course tons of sweet tater fries. because well, i love them!
unnamed (5)

right here peeps, i bring you deep fried cheesecake with a side of vanilla ice cream. #yolo.

unnamed (10)

chocolate gellato topped with fresh fruit! win!

unnamed (18)

taste the rainbow!

unnamed (15)
unnamed (16)

unnamed (19)
and here’s my physical progress photos from last week to this morning.  and i would just like to say i am damn proud of myself for making physical changes even with my diet not on point 100%, but because i did get my exercise in i made strides.  and it’s all about being happy with yourself every single step of the way. even little changes i get excited about. i NEVER dwell on anything that’s not changing quickly, because that’s not how the body works.  it’s all the small changes that happen daily in our bodies that take us towards our goals.  THEY’RE the ones that add up weekly to the big physical changes.

unnamed (14)

left i weighed 131 lbs and 18.9/19% body fat

right photo (this mornin’!) i weigh 131 lbs and 17.4% body fat, holla! (sorry for the crooked pants? lol)

fun fact that i beg of you to take note for your own personal growth and knowledge.  can we look at the fact that my weight has stayed the EXACT same? but my body fat% dropped by damn near 2%!? this is crucial for people who get frustrated when the scale doesn’t budge, like at all.  that’s why taking your body fat % is key! or that number on the scale will totally mess with your head, and then lead to bad food choices because you want to “give up” because your body isn’t budging. it is budging and it’s all about trusting the process.  which you can see works! even after just 7 days!

here is the body fat reader i personally use:  Omron Fat Reader

the trick is to chug a big glass of water when you wake up, then take the reading 3 times to get the average.  Be consistent with when you take the readings or it’ll be all sortsa different each time!

so there ya have it! my weekly Pre-Africa Body Challenge i’ve created for myself to hold myself accountable and hopefully inspire someone else that you can have your cake and eat it too.  you’ve got the rest of your life to continue working on your health and fitness. don’t obsess about the scale or any number, just get your exercise in, make smart food choices and be HAPPY!

that is all for today!  i’ll be back home soon and i’ll keep you all posted when i download MyFitnessPal and make some other changes to my diet.  until then, it’s big dinners and a happy Taylor!


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