whipped coconut oil

whipped coconut oil

2have i mentioned how much i love coconut oil?!

and all the incredible things you can make with it, not only to eat, but to PUT on you too?!

if you haven’t.. then you need to read all the bazillion posts i’ve done including coconut oil.

which reminds me, i should totally make a tab that includes all things coconut oil on the blog.

ok ok back to it! no more ramblin’ taylor.

to the point.

WHIPPED coconut oil body lotion

because ya’ll… who DOESN’T want to smell like coconut oil and lavender and feel as soft as a baby’s bottom?!

THIS GIRL DOES!! (raises hand, like that cute little emoji)

also, you’ll see i put vitamin e oil in it, the benefits from vitamin e are SO awesome – especially for women!  it helps not only soften skin, but reduces scars, stretch marks and evens out skin coloring. win, right?!

ready to toss out all that other over-the-counter lotion that’s filled with ‘ish you cannot prounounce out, because THIS will take over your heart and skin. promise.

p.s .are ya’ll sick of my broken record regarding all the chemicals they put in beauty products?

well i’m not done because i have lots more DIY beauty/home recipes to TRUMP OVER THOSE CHEMICAL PRODUCTS. sooooooo. get ready for the broken record. 😉

Whipped Coconut Oil & Lavender Lotion

whatcha need:

whipped coconut oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
10-15 drops Vitamin E-Oil
8 drops Lavender Extract

Step 1: in a bowl with a hand blender, with the whisk attached, toss a couple scoops of coconut oil and whisk away!  make sure it’s NOT melted first, room temperature is fine.  Whisk for about 8 minutes until super whippy!

whipped coconut oil

Step 2: add in your vitamin e oil and lavender

DSC03728 (2)
DSC03729 (2)
Step 3: then in your allocated air-tight glass, which i always use either a recycled glass jar from spaghetti sauce or something, or these perfect little jelly-glass jars, pour your whipped heavenly smelling goodness right in!

DSC03737 (2)
DSC03743 (2)
make sure to label it so you know what’s in it. i keep mine right on my bathroom counter top and slather my body with it after every pre-bed shower because of the soothing effects that lavender gives off.  helllloooo good night’s sleep and waking up feeling like a baby’s bottom!

DSC03755 (2)

whipped coconut oil


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