TruSelf Organics

TruSelf Organics

i’ve shared my love for all natural, DIY, chemical-free products previously like my daily anti-acne serum, the only toner i use and the cream that keeps my legs silky smooth!

i seriously don’t understand how people can pile on creams, lotions and face masks on their skin, let alone face, that you can’t even pronounce what’s in it!?

formaldehyde-leaching preservatives, parabens, hydroquinones, nanoparticles and so many more…

no thanks!  i like to know exactly what i put on my face, what’s in it and be able to know the direct source it came from.  because we are stuck in our skin, well, for life, so let’s keep it as chemical-free and fresh as possible!!

so when i discovered TruSelf Organics,  their all-natural products combined with my desire to only use such, it was a match made in heaven!

you know after a weekend out on the town, or a few days of not eating well, your skin can look a little…. sad?

it’s called dehydration!

and sometimes it just needs a little lovin’ and a boost in the right direction to freshen things up a bit!

that’s where a good detoxifying mask comes in ladies (and gentlemen).

i can definitely say i’ve tried my fair share of masks, DIY masks, store bought masks, you name it.  all being 100% natural, but each having it’s own little tweak to it.

when my package from TruSelf Organic arrived, knowing that a little gem was packed away inside, i was eager to slather this face up!

DSC08825 (2)

DSC08826 (2)

because who doesn’t love a little self-spa treatment?!

me me me!!

now let’s get straight to the point: what’s in this detoxifying mask, you ask?!

ha, totally didn’t mean to rhyme

well, the mask has things you can actually pronounce in it, and all come from mother nature!

DSC08828 (2)

here’s the deets straight from the source:

Detoxifying Mask: Proprietary Clay Blend (Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Rose Kaolin Clay, Moroccan Red Clay, Dead Sea Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay), Epsom Salt, and Pure Collagen Hydrolysate.

clay, clay and more awesome clay. from the EARTH. winning! yes please!

but even better, TruSelf’s website breaks it down for you, explaining exactly why each ingredient is in this youth-retreaving mask and where it comes from.

good lawd, adios over the counter masks!!

Calcium Bentonite Clay is made up of ancient volcanic ash. Its healing powers are activated through contact with water, when its strong electromagnetic charge helps the clay absorb harmful toxins, heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals. Calcium Bentonite draws out the bad stuff and replaces it with good minerals like calcium, magnesium and sodium. It can help treat skin rashes, bug bites, cuts, and bruises as well as help with skin problems like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It’s also great for cosmetic issues including cellulite, wrinkles, and blemishes. The best thing about this amazing skin cure-all is that it’s an all-natural gift from Mother Earth.

Kaolin, also called China clay, has been used for centuries for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Well known for its soothing properties, kaolin has an astringent effect and absorbs oil from the skin. Kaolin cleanses and exfoliates, removing dead cells from your skin’s surface. Rose Kaolin Clay is a mild kaolin and improves circulation.

Moroccan Red Clay is one of the most popular clays used in skincare. Great for sensitive skin, it is highly absorbent, has a tightening effect and reduces pore size. Moroccan red clay contains iron oxide that helps revitalize the skin’s appearance and brightness.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay: The word “rhassoul” comes from the Arabic word for washing. Used in beauty routines since the 14th Century, this mineral-rich clay is renowned for its ability to reduce skin impurities. Moroccan rhassoul clay improves skin clarity and elasticity, unblocks pores, and reduces dryness.

Dead Sea Clay comes from the bottom of its famed namesake’s waters, where people seeking healing have flocked for thousands of years. The lowest point on earth and seven times saltier than the ocean, the sea’s unique environment creates this rare and highly sought-after mineral-rich clay. Easily absorbed by the skin, Dead Sea clay accelerates exfoliation while restoring your skin’s pH balance.

Epsom Salt is not actually salt, but a natural pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Among its many healing effects, Epsom salt exfoliates dead skin and removes blackheads for softer, clearer skin.

Collagen Hydrolysate is a protein that helps plump the skin, increases luminosity, decreases fine lines, helps tighten, and may reduce cellulite.

so,  hello, amazingly ridiculous benefits!

sexy skin is in ladies!

the amazing thing about this little jar of powder-heaven, is how easy it is to use.

you can use it on a weekly basis, bi-weekly, or whenever you feel you need your skin is ready for a little rejuvenation.

step 1: in a small glass bowl, fill up with about 1/8 cup water, then sprinkle in some of the detoxifying mask powder.

DSC08830 (2)

DSC08832 (2)

add in more water if need be, you want the consistency to be nice and clay-y! yeah i wrote clay-y… you know what i’m getting at!

step 2: dig those clean fingers right on in, then apply all over a make-up free, fresh face!

DSC08836 (2)

step 3: take an obligatory selfie while trying to look as cute as possible with a gray face.

DSC08840 (2)


then fail at cute attempt.. and just make a face!


the mask will eventually start to ‘harden’ a little after about 8 minutes, so hang in there!

then after 20 minutes, rise off with warm water and apply a lotion or serum, feeling fresh-faced and ready to take on the world!

oh and guess what?! between September 16th and September 23rd, you can use the code Fall15 to save 15% off your order at TruSelf Organics!! Win!


thank you TruSelf for sponsoring this post.
All words and opinions are 100% my own, Taylored Approved!




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