Sun-kissed Skin, Year ‘Round

Sun-kissed Skin, Year ‘Round

so i am a MAJOR whitey.

like if i haven’t been in the sun or at the beach and don’t have any sunless tanner on…

you may as well put your sunglasses on because i’m going to BLIND ya!

but for reals.

shout out to all you other fair-skinned ladies.  but i mean hey, at least we won’t have wrinkles for awhile!

back in my highschool and college days, i used to go into the…


yep. i was a tanning bed addict. which is so awful for your skin. i know this now! but you live and learn.

since i stopped using the tanning bed, i began to try an alternative…

sunless tanning lotions!

i’ve tried just about every single brand out there, for real. like every brand.

some were too orange.

some smelled weird.

some left streaks (most left streaks).

some would fade away after a day or two without re-application.

i then ran into a mouse that i loved!

BUT it was over $50 for a container of it. YIKES.

but a fair-skinned girl will do what she’s got to do for a good sun-kissed-glow. amen?!

then… a golden light shined from my computer screen… a brand that was new to me… one i haven’t tried?!

GlowPro Tans.

they’re a professional grade, airbrush-quality tanning mousse that’s super easy to apply.

on their website you’ll find the following:

“Double the strength of average consumer tanning products.  Instant bronzer color-guide prevents streaks.  Mousse glides on easily and dries quickly. Develops into a natural-looking tan. DHA and Erythrulose for a longer-lasting tan. Anti-aging Retinol and CoQ10. Moisturizing aloe and Vitamin E.”

you’re thinking yeah.. sure.. all of that. but i’ve tried every brand and they usually do at least 1-4 of those after stating they don’t.

can i just say… that for the first time ever in my trial and error of sunless tanning products, this was actually does hold up true to what they claim.

the reason an airbrush tan looks so much better than the usual self-supplicated tanners because of the amount of DHA in it (Dihydroxyacetone) for your skin.  profressional airbrush tanning formulas come in DHA concentrations from 5-14%, and on average the consumer grade sunless tanning products havve 5-7% DHA.

yep. GlowPro tanning mousse has double the amount than your usual store-bought one.


how excited are you getting?  a tan that actually is TAN and lasts?! streak free?!

GlowPro has two levels of DHA concentration mousse: 10% and 14%.

i personally love to be super dark, so i went with the 14%.. and the results speak for themselves:

GloPro Sunless Tanning Mousse

left is no mousse, right is the morning after i applied the mousse

GloPro  Sunless Tanning Mousse

nothing TOO drastic where you look like you popped out of an 80’s tanning oil commercial, but just the PERFECT touch of color and golden glow!

and not ORANGE! winning!

can we also note how much a tan helps with showing muscle definition??  that’s why when we compete we get sprayed really dark to show all the hidden swoops and shaddows!

so yay for being tan and seeing my muscles! ha

the application of this Mousse was so incredibly easy and mess free.

step 1: i showered, shaved/exfoliated  and then dried off really well.

step 2: i opted to use the applicator glove so i would avoid any over-do on my hands.  so i did 1 pump per limb.

GloPro Sunless Tanning Mousse

and spread it all over, making sure it was nice and even.  the helpful thing is that it automatically comes out very dark so you can SEE if you’ve missed any spots and not have to wait until the next day to see the spots you clearly missed.  another awesome feature of this mousse.

GloPro Sunless Tanning Mousse

then i went to bed and the next day, was tan!

no weird smell, it doesn’t sweat off and it’s a great shade of tan.

all passing the Taylored Sunless-Tanning test!!

if you’re an avid sunless tanning junkie, then i seriously highly recommend grabbing a bottle of GloPro Tans!

let’s all be sun-kissed goddesses all the way through the winter!

p.s. stay tuned for a giveaway next week!!!




GloPro Tans is the sponsor of this post (thanks GloPro!), but as always, all views and words are solely 100% mine!!




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