edible lip scrub

edible lip scrub

i’m a major fan of DIY stuff.

and just being crafty in general. #ineedacraftroomSTAT #dorkstatus

i mean who doesn’t love going crazy on Pinterest and collecting all sortsa fun “recipes” to make that you can slather all over your body knowing EXACTLY  what’s in it?!

knowing exactly what goes onto our skin is just as important as what goes into our bodies.

i’ve been using 99% all natural body products for years now, and over the past 2 i’ve been making 80% of my daily products myself! some i just can’t seem to perfect, but i’m a determined woman, so we’ll get there one day 😉

the 1%? my purple shampoo, because sista has got to keep her hair bright white and fresh! the one chemical i’ll never give up. sorry not sorry. priorities.

i bet if you looked at the back of your face washes, lip moisturizers and lotions you wouldn’t be able to pronounce or yet alone know the origins of the majority of the ingredients.


no thanks.

our skin shows our age (thank god i have the genetics of looking 10 years younger than i really am), our health and so much more. so why not try to help keeping it healthy as much as possible, starting by all natural ingredients going on it?!

so i bring you my absolute favorite, go-to lip scrub that is SO flipping easy to make i can guarantee you have the ingredients already in your PANTRY.

yep. it’s edible.

which ALL of your products really should be if you’re making them. because i don’t think you just have synthetic chemicals layin’ around waiting to be incorporated into a recipe or something.

so without further adueeeeee, i bring you:

Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub

DIY Organic Lip Scrub

whatcha need:


1 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
2 tsp organic coconut sugar
1 tsp organic organic honey
2-5 drops of pink grapefruit essential oil (any oil will do obviously! i just love the smell of this stuff!)

step 1: get out a small glass jar or container.  usually i use a recycled jelly-jar butttttt the one i keep for my lip scrubs broke and the rest are being used as candle holders. time to buy more jelly! 😉

DSC02506 (2)

step 2: scoop your coconut oil into the container and microwave for about 12 seconds to soften up.  then add in the rest of your ingredients!

DSC02507 (2)

DSC02511 (2)

DSC02515 (2)

step 3: stir stir stir, it’ll get clumpy because of the honey and then the oil being melted – they’ll sort of separate.  that’s when you stick it back into the microwave for about 12 seconds.

DSC02519 (2)


DSC02522 (2)


stir 1 more time then stick in the fridge to harden.  about 20 minutes is all that’s needed. when coconut oil is back to it’s solidity, your scrub is READY!

take a spoon to stir/fluff it up, dip your finger in, scrub on your kisser in circle motions for about 1 minute then rinse off with water.  boom!

DSC02534 (2)

my favorite is to bring it into the shower. not only does it make your shower smell heavenly but it’s just easier to rinse off of course!

make sure to stick it back in the fridge when done so your oil doesn’t get all melty.

this stays “good” for about 1 month.  but if you use it every day, which you should, it’ll be gone by then and ready to be refilled. maybe with a new oil next time?! peppermint is one of my other favorites for this scrub.

i always follow my scrub by applying my home made lip moisturizer, which i’ll share next time! deal?!

lip scrub


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