acne fighting toner

acne fighting toner

nothing’s quite refreshing like a swipe of toner to the face!

that sounded really weird.

but you know what i mean, if you’re a fellow toner lover.

the cool tingle you get, feeling your pores being cleansed, refreshed and fighting all that bacteria!

swear by witch hazel.  i used to use those toners from clean and clear and all the other over the counter companies, wasting an insane amount of money i’m sure, just to then be swiping more and more chemicals on my face. masking the issue and not really healing it.

so when i came across witch hazel, probably 3 years by now, i knew i’d never go back.

it gives you all the refreshing, tingling, cleansing feeling just as the chemical filled ones, but 100% all natural.

they even make it with aloe, lavneder and a few other essential oil fragrances.

i’ve shared bits of pieces of my beauty routine.  my coconut oil scrub, lip scrub and acne fighting serum.

i like to get the most out of my time, and transfer that over to my beauty routine.  if i can cram a bunch of awesome benefits into one thing that’s a win in my book.

so with the combination of the ingredients of my toner, which i swear i’ll share with you, hit all sorts of trouble issues.

it’s got Apple Cider Vinegar:  which if you haven’ smelled it before, just a heads up, it smells  the exact way you are thinking it does. prettttty bitter. but OH so good for you! i put it in my facial concoction because it battles acne bacteria as well as tightens pores while balancing out oil and ph levels on that pretty face of yours!  it’s packed with enzymes and vitamins to directly nourish your skin as well.

Witch Hazel.  i touched base on my love for this stuff and here’s why.  this stuff contains tannins that are astringent based and disinfecting, which is a double whammy for the battle against stubborn acne.  it’s calming (ironically because it’s an astringent) base helps reduce swelling and irritated skin.

Tea Tree Oil: which i talked about in my serum “recipe”.  this antibacterial fighting essential oil is my saving grace. get it in your life and put it in everythang.

Jojoba Oil: not only is jojoba important because it’s a carrier oil (necessary in any “recipe” that involves other oils so they all stay combined and don’t separate) but it great for soothing irritations and providing a bit of natural moisture.  acne sufferers tend to also have oily sky, but adding natural essential oils to your skin vs. trying to dry it out is super important.  the moment we try to just swipe regular clean & clear toner on our face and “dry” out those pimples, the more oil is produced and BAM, more pimples. vicious cycle.

so let’s get down to business!

whatcha need:

DSC04029 (2)

4 tbsp apple cider vinegar (i highly recommend the bragg’s brand)
4 tbsp witch hazel
12 drops tea tree oil
5 drops jojoba oil

a little spray bottle.

step 1: pour the apple cider vinegar and witch hazel into your bottle, which should make it about 3/4 full, you can always add more if you need if your bottle is bigger than mine.

DSC04031 (2)
DSC04032 (2)

step 2: add in your oils.

DSC04035 (2)
DSC04036 (2)

put a lid on it, and you’re done!

DSC04044 (2)

when you’re ready to use, shake gently to disperse the oils.  then on clean skin, spray directly on skin or apply to a cotton ball then swipe that face!

top with my acne fighting serum, and you’re well on your way to pretty skin!

store in a cool dry place.

acne fighting toner

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