acne fighting serum

acne fighting serum

i am damn near 30 years old and still struggle with random breakouts.

like some days my skin is flawless.

while other days i wake up looking like a 12 year old who just hit puberty.

but since switching to cleansing my face and body with oils and all 100% natural shtuff, it’s gotten to be much more manageable..

i’ve mentioned before how great tea tree oil is for battling those pimples, due to it’s antibacterial compounds.  i never go a day without putting it my face!

i shared with you my recipe for my face scrub that included tea tree oil, so now i bring you one i leave ON my face!

after washing my face in the morning, or any time really, i always make sure to rub this combination in and believe it or not, it soaks right in and does NOT cause a breakout!

whoda thunk oils actually HELP control oil on your skin.

it does. and i’ll never go back to any other face serum ever again.

so here ya go, all my fellow adult-acne fighters!

DIY Acne Fighting Serum

whatcha need:

Acne Fighting Serum

jojoba oil
lavender oil
tea tree oil

and a little glass dropper bottle is helpful! or any other little bottle will do! but don’t do plastic, because your serum will just be chillin’ in dyed chemicals, no bueno.

step 1: fill your empty bottle 3/4 full with the jojoba oil (which is a carrier oil, super important).

acne fighting serum

Acne Fighting Serum

step 2: drop in 5-8 drops of lavender oil (which helps reduce inflammation and redness of pimples, win!) and 10-12 drops of tea tree oil.

Acne Fighting Serum
Acne Fighting Serum

that’s it! when ready to use, put a couple drops on your finger tips and slowly, in a circle motion, rub into your clean face.  viola!

Acne Fighting Serum

i’d recommend testing each oil on your skin ahead of time just in case.

make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place: aka your medicine cabinet.

acne fighting serum copy


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